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    World News
2/23/03 - 2/29/04

Sunday  2/29/04

Who’s next in Haiti?  2/29/04 AP 

Venezuela may be on brink of fresh turmoil  2/29/04 Financial Times 

Venezuela would stop oil to U.S. if invaded -Chavez  2/29/04 Forbes 

Union Leader Detained in Colombia  2/29/04 Justice for Colombia: "At 8.30pm on February 18th trade union leader Luz Perly Cordoba was detained by the DAS secret police in Bogotá, Colombia, where she had been living for some time after receiving death threats from both the army and the paramilitaries in her home region of Arauca. It is believed that Luz, who is responsible for human rights for the Colombian agricultural workers’ trade union FENSUAGRO, is currently being held at the DAS headquarters in Bogotá and human rights groups fear for her safety… We urge you to write to or e-mail the relevant authorities in Colombia demanding that Luz and her colleagues be released and calling for an end to the ongoing attacks against the Colombian trade union movement. Addresses for Colombian officials and the UK Government minister responsible for relations with Colombia can be found on the “Take Action” page of our website where general pro-forma letters are also available."

President Aristide flees Haiti, seeks asylum  2/29/04 Miami Herald 

Veterans of Past Murderous Campaigns Are Leading Haiti's New Rebellion  2/29/04 NYT 

French cinemas refuse to screen The Passion  2/29/04 Telegraph, UK: "French cinema chains are refusing to distribute or screen Mel Gibson's controversial film The Passion of the Christ because of fears that it will spark a new outbreak of anti-Semitism."

Saturday  2/28/04

topUS-Colombia Coca Eradication Called Destructive, Futile  2/28/04 Antiwar 

Aristide loyalists go on looting rampage  2/28/04 AP 

Haiti 2004: The Great Irony - In the Country's Bicentennial Year, another US-Backed Coup  2/28/04 NarcoNews 

Israel: U.N. staff see boy shot in back  2/28/04 Toronto Star: "An Israeli army officer has been suspended after an unarmed Palestinian youth was shot in the back at close range as he waved goodbye to a delegation of visiting United Nations aid workers, the Star has learned… The Bashir shooting is rare because it happened in plain view of three U.N. personnel who were visiting the family home. Rarer still, the victim's father, Khalil Bashir, said last night he doesn't want punishment for the shooter. Instead, he's asking that Yousef's plight become "a turning point for an historic reconciliation with Israel."

UnAnswered Questions for Mel Martinez  2/28/04 Where is the Money: "As a Republican Candidate for Senate in 2004 you will need to convince Florida voters that you are fiscally responsible and can be trusted to represent them and their families. The following questions are intended to help illuminate your performance by "following the money trail" through key areas of your personal responsibility:"

Friday  2/27/04

topThe Discreet Charm Of The (Washington) Bourgeoisie  2/27/04 Defense in the National Interest: "the heart of Fourth Generation war is a crisis of legitimacy of the state, and these people are the state. They are the "policy elite," the people who influence or even decide what hornet's nests we will next stick our nose into around the globe. Us, not legitimate? Mais monsieur, le etat c'est nous! Who could possibly doubt our right to rule? When I suggested folks like Hispanic gang members in L.A. and factory workers in Cleveland whose jobs they are helping outsource to China and India, I got blank looks. As Martin van Creveld said to me one day in my Washington office, "Everybody sees it except the people in the capital cities." The CFR is Exhibit A."

Kerry says U.S. fueled conflict in Haiti  2/27/04 Miami Herald 

2 Agents Charged in Qatar Killing  2/27/04 Moscow Times: "Acting Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Thursday that Qatar has arrested and charged two Russian security agents on suspicion of involvement in the car bomb assassination of former Chechen rebel president Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev. He flatly denied the allegation."

Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels  2/27/04 UPI: "Activists at a Friday press briefing outlined what they believe to be a well-crafted plan by the Bush administration to overthrow Aristide. Former Haitian military members, drug dealers and militants were armed and trained in the Dominican Republic thanks to military support from the United States. They have now crossed the border into Haiti, activists said. The rebel insurrection that erupted three weeks ago has left roughly 80 people dead, nearly half of whom were police officers. U.S.-supported coups in Latin America and Africa during the Cold War were referenced by many as models for what they perceive to be the Bush administration's current strategy in Haiti."

Miami City Commissioners want to allow anti-Venezuelan protesters to carry objects that could be thrown, shot or used as weapons  2/27/04 Vheadlines 

Memoir reveals CIA role in blast  2/27/04 Washington Post: "In January 1982, President Reagan approved a CIA plan to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union through covert transfers of technology that contained hidden malfunctions, including software that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural-gas pipeline, according to a new memoir by a Reagan White House official. Thomas Reed, a former Air Force secretary who was serving in the National Security Council at the time, describes the episode in ``At the Abyss: An Insider's History of the Cold War,'' to be published next month by Ballantine Books. Reed writes that the pipeline explosion was just one example of ``cold-eyed economic warfare'' against the Soviet Union that the CIA carried out under Director William Casey during the final years of the Cold War." This should help US software exports!

Thursday  2/26/04

topEconomic Misery Provoked Bloodshed in Haiti  2/26/04 Black America Web 

Washington's Hand Against Democracy and for Extra-Constitutional Regime Change in Haiti  2/26/04 Black Commentator: "It is well documented (See the COHA report referenced below) that the so-called Haitian opposition has no real program, platform or constituency, other than less than 4% of the population in Haiti and the stated desire to overthrow Aristide and bring back the old Haitian army."

Aristide begs for outside help as rebels tighten noose  2/26/04 Independent, UK 

Wyclef Jean Voices Support For Haitian Rebels  2/26/04 MTV 

HAITI: ON THE BRINK  2/26/04 PBS: "REP. CHARLES RANGEL: I'm now convinced after listening to Mr. Foley and Mr. Powell that the United States are on the side of the opposition and they want President Aristide either to leave by a jet or leave in a body bag and I'm telling you, if I was in the opposition, I would say we won."

Anarchy sweeps Haiti's capital as Aristide faces end  2/26/04 Telegraph, UK 

New torture claim shows Arar's case isn't unique  2/26/04 Toronto Star: "To put it bluntly, there is growing suspicion that these kinds of things are happening on purpose — that CSIS and the RCMP have adopted their own version of what the U.S. calls "extraordinary rendition" and are making quiet deals with foreign dictatorships to interrogate Canadians abroad using methods that would be illegal at home."

Wednesday  2/25/04

topSharpton prepares for Haiti  2/25/04 Black World Today: "During a meeting to support community activists in Harlem Tuesday evening, the Rev. Al Sharpton announced that he would be going to Haiti next Wednesday to help negotiate a peace agreement between the opposition and the government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide."

Haiti's Lawyer: U.S. Is Arming Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries  2/25/04 Democracy Now: ""There's enough indications from our point of view, at least from my point of view, that the United States certainly knew what was coming about two weeks before this military operation started," Kurzban said. "The United States made contingency plans for Guantanamo." "

Activists, politicians question U.S. hand in Haiti crisis  2/25/04 Final Call 

Bush Rebuffs Aristide, Warns Haitians  2/25/04 Reuters 

Black nation under siege needs us now  2/25/04 SF Bay View: Haiti viewed by an insider

The Ideology Police  2/25/04 Village Voice: "In a gesture that consolidates the 1990s culture wars, the post-9-11 chill on dissent, and the relentlessness of hawkishly pro-Israel lobbying, the U.S. House voted unanimously last fall to establish an advisory board to monitor how effectively campus international studies centers serve "national needs related to homeland security" and to assess whether they provide sufficient airtime to champions of American foreign policy… "The priority of those behind this is defending Israel from any criticism," says Zachary Lockman, director of the Hagop Kevorkian Center at New York University. "They understand that universities are one of the few places where debate and argument take place that cannot be heard in the media or anywhere else." "

Tuesday  2/24/04

topU.S. Reluctant to Defend Democracy at its Doorstep  2/24/04 Black America Web: by Dewayne Wickham

An Obscene Portrayal of Christ's Passion  2/24/04 Boston Globe: "Jews as presented in this movie are overwhelmingly negative. Roman soldiers brutally execute Jesus, but Pontius Pilate is a good man, who stands in dramatic contrast to Caiaphas, the Jewish High Priest. Going well beyond anything in the Gospels, Gibson's film emphasizes Roman virtue and Jewish venality by inventions like these…"

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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Christianity is currently the largest religion in the world. It is followed by about 33% of all people -- a percentage that has remaind stable for decades. It is expected that, if current trends continue, Islam will become the most popular religion sometime in the mid-21st century.


Death from America

Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

Ramsey Clark: Report to UN Security Council re: Iraq, 1/26/2000
1.5 million deaths

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