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    World News
11/26/01 - 12/2/01

Sunday  12/2/01

Colombians cheer for a dark beauty  12/2/01 Boston Globe: in the midst of Plan Columbia, a billion dollar effort where the paramilitary right oppresses the poor, the AfroColumbianos, the Indians: "''In Latin America blondes have always been seen as the ideal,'' said Arlene Davila, author of ''Latino Inc.,'' a new book that analyzes how products are marketed to Latinos in the United States and Latin America. Programs filmed in Latin America often show more light-skinned blondes than dark-haired people - a skewed reality considering natural blondes are a tiny minority. Colombia's ''black'' population, by contrast, hovers around 40 percent, which includes people of mixed race. Several other Latin American countries have large black populations: Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Panama. Many others, including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru, have huge indigeneous populations which, critics say, are similarly underrepresented in pop culture - including the world of beauty pageants like the Miss Columbia contest."

Lies, Damned Lies, and War  12/2/01 Common Dreams 

FBI agents rebel over new powers  12/2/01 Guardian, UK: COINTELPRO back again:"The plan has caused outrage within the FBI itself with agents expected to act upon new surveillance powers describing themselves as 'very, very angry'. The spying, wiretapping and surveillance campaign unleashed by Hoover against church and political groups was called 'Cointelpro', and was aimed mainly at the movement behind civil rights activist Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers, the anti-Vietnam war movement and, on the other wing, the Ku Klux Klan."

Ten dead, 170 injured in Israel blasts  12/2/01 Independent, UK 

Facts about events in Mazar-e-Sharif and Kunduz  12/2/01 Kavkaz 

Israeli Terrorism doesn't make News  12/2/01 Media Monitors 

African Artifacts Suggest an Earlier Modern Human  12/2/01 NYT 

Justice Deformed: War and the Constitution  12/2/01 NYT 

Secret US plan for Iraq war  12/2/01 Observer, UK 

The Ties That Bind  12/2/01 Southern Poverty 

Britain asked to prepare strikes against terror bases in Somalia  12/2/01 Telegraph, UK 

Eighty Taliban prisoners in mass suicide  12/2/01 Telegraph, UK: "suicided"?

15 killed as US mistakes private jeep for military vehicle: victim  12/2/01 Yahoo 

Saturday  12/1/01

topUS planes rain death on the innocent  12/1/01 Guardian, UK 

US patrols off Somali coast point to expansion of campaign  12/1/01 Independent, UK: "A Pentagon unit, the foreign terrorist tracking task force, is co-ordinating the operations which have been dubbed "stiletto strikes". Yemen, Sudan and the Philippines are in the firing line, along with Somalia. Reconnaissance has been undertaken in Yemen and Somalia and special forces have been sent to the Philippines. Several hundred Ethiopian troops are said to have crossed into the Somali province of Puntland, an area US intelligence claims contains terrorist bases linked to Mr bin Laden."

La FIDH soutient la plainte déposée contre Ariel Sharon en Belgique  12/1/01 Le Monde: International Federation of Human Rights Leagues backs Belgium's prosecution of Ariel Sharon

Tale of an American Taliban  12/1/01 MSNBC': "It is unclear what will happen to Abdul Hamid, who says he lost his U.S. passport in Kunduz. But he may well be headed for a U.S. military tribunal."

It Can Happen Here  12/1/01 NYT: "On the basis of secret evidence, the government accuses a non-citizen of connections to terrorism, and holds him in prison for three years. Then a judge conducts a full trial and rejects the terrorism charges. He releases the prisoner. A year later government agents rearrest the man, hold him in solitary confinement and state as facts the terrorism charges that the judge found untrue. Could that happen in America? In John Ashcroft's America it has happened."

Wounded SAS men were in cave raid  12/1/01 Telegraph, UK 

Bunkum From Pat Robertson  12/1/01 Washington Post 

Friday  11/30/01

topAnti-Terror Surveillance Law Mulled  11/30/01 AP 

Union: Flight attendants groped at checkpoints  11/30/01 CNN 

Internet Samizdat Releases Suppressed Voices, History  11/30/01 Common Dreams: "Nor has Albright been asked whether she still feels that even if sanctions against Iraq have led to the deaths of half a million children, “the price is worth it” -- as she said in a quote from a 1996 “60 Minutes” interview that circulates widely on the Net. Although issues like Al Shifa and the plight of Iraqi kids loom large in Islamic countries, they are virtually off-limits when U.S. journalists interview policy makers, past or present."

Justice in the dust  11/30/01 Guardian, UK: "Amid uncertainty, here are three things that can be said with confidence. First, that the Taliban prisoners were not held at Qala in a way that was conducive to either their own security or that of their captors and that this failure is likely to make further surrenders of besieged Taliban forces more difficult. Second, that the force used to regain control of the fort, especially the bombing, was so overwhelming that no one survived, an outcome which raises big questions about the true aims of the Northern Alliance and of the US and British special forces who were involved."

The king of Greater Afghanistan  11/30/01 Guardian, UK: "What is interesting in the German dispatch is not so much the evidence of the Afghan king's sympathy for the Nazi regime. It is the desire for a Greater Afghanistan via the incorporation of what is now Pakistan's North West Frontier province and its capital Peshawar. Zahir Shah's return is being strongly resisted by Pakistan. They know that the king never accepted the Durand Line, dividing Afghanistan and Pakistan, not even as a temporary border. They are concerned that he might encourage Pashtun nationalism."

New anti-terrorism bill makes face paint and masks criminal offenses in public forums Civil rights and media latest casualties of our times  11/30/01 Lakota Journal 

The far-right fallout  11/30/01 McLean's, Canada: "The planes that toppled the World Trade Center have helped Andrews and other self-described "racial nationalists" to advance their anti-immigrant domestic agenda. The fact that Canadian troops are serving in the war on terror in Afghanistan helps even more, he maintains. "We can bask in glory because once they lose some men over there, they'll have to come back and close the borders and look at what kind of society they want to build," says Andrews, who immigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia in 1952. "Overall, for the country's culture and preservation of the European heritage, it is a good thing."

Silencing Powell: Between American Reticence and Israeli Intransigence  11/30/01 Media Monitors: by Hanan Ashrawi

CNN applauds killing of POWs by Northern Alliance  11/30/01 Nile Media 


U.S. Heads for Civil Liberties Showdown  11/30/01 Reuters 

Hundreds of Russians have arrived in Kabul Moscow says contingent has humanitarian aims  11/30/01 San Francisco Chronicle 

US 'hero' may have triggered Mazar revolt  11/30/01 Times of India: "On Wednesday night, the BBC’s authoritative domestic television programme Newsnight interviewed Oliver August, correspondent for The Times, London, in Mazar-i-Sharif, who said that Spann and his CIA colleague, Dave, were thought to have set off the violence by aggressively interrogating foreign Taliban prisoners and asking, "Why did you come to Afghanistan?". August said their questions were answered by one prisoner jumping forward and announcing, "We’re here to kill you".

Neo-Nazis to March in DC  11/30/01 Youth Leadership Support Net 

Thursday  11/29/01

topAnthrax Hoaxer On Most-wanted List  11/29/01 AP: Ashcroft had to target this violent anti-abortionist after he claimed responsibility. It wasn't on the radar screen prior to this. 11/30

INS memo cites possible detention for those questioned in terror probe  11/29/01 CNN 

Somalia's Internet is casualty of war on terrorism  11/29/01 Digital Freedom Network 

How our Afghan allies applied the Geneva Convention  11/29/01 Independent, UK 

US investigates 'execution' of 160 Taliban near Kandahar  11/29/01 Independent, UK: "The New York-based Human Rights Watch said it seemed that the shootings represented a "serious war crime".

Goodbye to the Doves and Hello to the Hawks on Iraq?  11/29/01 LA Times 


Al Qaeda Link Seen in Only a Handful of 1,200 Detainees  11/29/01 NYT 

Oregon Cities Reject Anti-Terror Interviews  11/29/01 Reuters 

Who Won?  11/29/01 Shepherd Express 

White House Sought to Soften Anti-Terrorism Legislation in Support of Tobacco Companies  11/29/01 The Public I: "The Bush administration sought to use anti-terrorism legislation, rushed through Congress in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, to shield U.S. tobacco companies from foreign lawsuits alleging cigarette smuggling and money laundering."

Anthrax plan pops out of Pak scientist's cupboard  11/29/01 Times of India: "Such a balloon bomb was capable of showering deadly anthrax over areas as vast as New York or Washington. The "most chilling" items found from the Kabul premises included small bags of white powder and the "mass of calculations and drawings" of weather balloons with arrows indicating the suggested height of 10 km or 33,000 feet, said The Economist in its print edition."

Two killed by humanitarian air drop: Pentagon  11/29/01 Times of India 

American soldier 'killed by airstrike'  11/29/01 Times, UK 

Too Late To Stop National ID  11/29/01 TooGood Reports 

Rep. Barr Criticizes Bush  11/29/01 Washington Post 

Abortion Clinics on New Net Alert  11/29/01 Wired, US 

Wednesday  11/28/01

topFacing up to the Failure of "Racial Democracy" in Brazil  11/28/01 compare and contrast to Cuba

Discord over widening war  11/28/01 BBC 

Revenge killings reported in Kunduz  11/28/01 BBC 

Sabra and Chatila Massacres: After 19 years, The Truth at Last?  11/28/01 Counterpunch: Terrible deeds by a people who are clearly suffering from a syndrome that binds them to their former Nazi persecutors. Sharon is clearly not the only responsible party.

160 Taliban executed, admits warlord  11/28/01 Dawn, Pakistan: "A senior commander with Pakhtoon forces in southern Afghanistan said on Wednesday 160 captured Taliban fighters who refused to surrender last week were executed before the eyes of US military personnel. "We tried our best to persuade (the Taliban) to surrender before we attacked. We asked them many times, quoted the Quran and even offered them money," said the commander from forces loyal to Gul Agha, a former mujahideen governor of Kandahar. "But they replied with abuse so we had no choice. We executed around 160 Taliban that were captured. " They were made to stand in a long line and five or six of our fighters used light machineguns on them," he said, adding that some of those killed were Pakistani. The commander, who declined to be identified, said seven or eight U.S. military personnel who had been filming the fighting tried unsuccessfully to prevent the executions. "

Most detainees are Pakistanis: US  11/28/01 Dawn, Pakistan: "Attorney-General John Ashcroft, under pressure to release details of those being kept in federal custody, said 641 people were in detention of whom over 200 came to the United States from Pakistan. These are among 548 held on immigration charges."

Taliban claim recapturing Takhta Pul  11/28/01 Dawn, Pakistan: "The Taliban officials said they had retreated from their previous positions on the assumption that the tribal alliance would accommodate their demands, including a share in the administration of Spin Boldak and ensuring of a safe haven for the Arab fighters or supporters of Osama bin Laden. On Tuesday, the Taliban had reoccupied their positions around Kandahar Airport after the tribal alliance spurned their demands."

'Don't blame Taliban for everything,' say Pashtun leaders at tribal council  11/28/01 Independent, UK: "He added that he had taken down his UN flag, but "I still have it, though the Northern Alliance does not know it, in this very room."

New evidence indicates Palestinians died hours after surviving camp massacres  11/28/01 Independent, UK: Sabra and Chatila

Khanabad 'decimated by the Americans, 100 civilians killed'  11/28/01 New Zealand Herald: Independently confirmed by New Zealand journalist, will this get into the American media?

Ashcroft Offers Accounting of 641 Charged or Held  11/28/01 NYT 

Germany Warns U.S. on Wider Anti-Terror War  11/28/01 Reuters: ""All European nations would view a broadening (of the conflict) to include Iraq highly skeptically -- and that is putting it diplomatically," Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer told parliament."

Group Says U.S. Expert Believed Behind Anthrax Attacks  11/28/01 Reuters 

Women's freedom march banned in Kabul  11/28/01 Times of India: "They announced that women are free, but it is not freedom to throw off our veils. That is not the liberty we want," said a disappointed Nafeesa, 17. "Right now the situation in Kabul is not good. It is not what we wanted."

US puts pressure on Saddam with show of strength  11/28/01 Times, UK 

West's feminists under fire from female general  11/28/01 Times, UK 

Rage grows over war atrocities  11/28/01 Toronto Star: "Not only has Washington ignored increasing evidence of Northern Alliance brutality, say critics, but the Bush administration has gone so far as to signal its approval for whatever Alliance commanders decide to do with captured Taliban troops."

The Case Against Torture  11/28/01 Village Voice 

The Emir and His Lieutenant  11/28/01 Village Voice 

Ex-FBI Officials Criticize Tactics On Terrorism  11/28/01 Washington Post 

DOJ's Already Monitoring Modems  11/28/01 Wired 

Tuesday  11/27/01

topHasty Judgement On Somalia Dangerous, Warn Experts  11/27/01 "Press speculation that Somalia, along with Sudan and Yemen will be targeted next in the U.S. global anti-terror campaign has been intense, particularly following the targeting of Somali company Al-Barakaat as a conduit for terrorist funds. Al-Barakaat is the largest company in Somalia, with interests in telecommunications, banking, postal services and refreshment. The company has had to close services throughout Somalia, after British and American business partners terminated their relationship with the group. The move has greatly limited telephone contact between the country and the outside world and cut off a channel widely used by Somali expatriates to send money back home."

'Anti-Terror' Bill Splits Conservatives  11/27/01 

Democrats Question Tribunal Concept  11/27/01 AP 

Could Iraq be next?  11/27/01 BBC 

Time To Elevate: Hip-Hop Resists Terror And War  11/27/01 Black World Today 

This war is not just  11/27/01 Boston Globe 

Powell: Bush sends Iraq a 'chilling message'  11/27/01 CNN: If Powell is on board, looks like the US will do Iraq: "In his interview with CNN, however, Powell called the Iraqi regime "an evil one" and said Bush retains "all of his options" if the inspections do not resume." This is of course exactly what Osama and many of America's enemies earnestly desire.

Dangerous Ashcroft is Worse Than We Imagined  11/27/01 Common Dreams 

Let UN team in or else, Bush warns Iraq  11/27/01 Guardian, UK: Elsewhere, we learn that senior CIA case officers and CIA related journalists such as Arnaud de Bochegrave view an attack on Iraq as dangerous for the US

Legacy of civilian casualties in ruins of shattered town  11/27/01 Independent, UK 

Saudis fear prisoners will be massacred  11/27/01 Irish Times 

A Year Later, It’s Still a Sham  11/27/01 NY Observer: Election 2000…

Protesters Find the Web to Be a Powerful Tool  11/27/01 NYT 

The people of Afghanistan do not accept domination of the Northern Alliance!  11/27/01 Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan 

The Grand Deception: A Second Look at the War Against Terrorism  11/27/01 The Reality Zone: A conservative weighs in against the War on Terrorism

US jail hell for bomb joke  11/27/01 This is London 

Fierce battle in Kunduz leaves 100 dead  11/27/01 Times of India 

Fresh riots break out in Mazar prison  11/27/01 Times of India: the slaughter continues

UN insists on presence of foreign troops  11/27/01 Times, UK 

Did bin Laden have help from U.S. friends?  11/27/01 Toronto Star: "This weekend, Spain announced it would not extradite suspected Al Qaeda terrorists to the U.S. as long as Bush plans to try such people in military tribunals. We should recall that the Taliban imposed conditions on their extradition offer, too, conditions the U.S. deemed unacceptable. Will Madrid be the anti-terror coalition's next target?"

'Lantern' Backdoor Flap Rages  11/27/01 Wired: "Network Associates has been snared in a web of accusations over whether it will place backdoors for the U.S. government in its security software. Since Network Associates (NETA) makes popular security products, including McAfee anti-virus software and Pretty Good Privacy encryption software, reports of a special arrangement with the U.S. government have drawn protests and threats of a boycott. "

Monday  11/26/01

topAl-Qaeda man freed from Riyadh jail reveals it all  11/26/01 Arab News, Arabia 

Globalisation: The Destruction of the Rule of Law  11/26/01 Centre for Research on Globalisation: "Since the September 1, 2001 attack in New York city, over 800 people in Canada have disappeared into Canada's detention system without being allowed to contact family or lawyers in violation of human rights."

Evidence presented to the Justice Committee November 6,2001 re Canada's proposed ant-terrorism law Bill C36  11/26/01 DEFENCE OF CANADIAN LIBERTY COMMITTEE: "Mr. Rocco Galati (Constitutional Lawyer, CIC Legal Counsel, Canadian Islamic Congress): Good morning, Mr. Chair. I see I have four minutes. On behalf of my clients I want reiterate, and it's not mere speculation, that the Muslim and Arab communities will be directly affected. You just have to witness the approximately 800 illegal detentions in this country currently going on in the correctional centres before you even have Bill C-36 where Muslims and Arabs have been directed not to be able to phone their lawyers, see their lawyers, phone their families, see their family as of September 11. That's going on right now. I see it in the jails every day."

US lands hundreds of ground troops outside Kandahar  11/26/01 Guardian, UK: report on armor being landed, absent from ABC News story: the US press once again does a half baked job…

Far-Right Recruiting Drive  11/26/01 Mother Jones 

Journalism and the CIA: The Mighty Wurlitzer  11/26/01 Name Base: on how the US press is riddled with CIA and Council on Foreign Relations related journalists and editors…

The truths they never tell us  11/26/01 New Statesman: "An American attack on Somalia, wrote the Guardian's man at the Foreign Office, "would offer an opportunity to settle an old score: 18 US soldiers were brutally killed there in 1993 . . ." He neglected to mention that the US Marines left between 7,000 and 10,000 Somali dead, according to the CIA. Eighteen American lives are worthy of score-settling; thousands of Somali lives are not."

Gulf War II? Not a Good Idea  11/26/01 NewMax: From a CIA linked author who writes in a conservative newspaper!

I Come from a Family of Terrorists  11/26/01 Rabble News: By John W. Warnock, a descendant of Captain Robert Brown, who took up arms against the British at Lexington, and of John Brown, the noted pro-abolition terrorist. Mr Warnock has had a distinguished career attempting to intimidate the Canadian and US governments.

Troops ready to storm Taliban spiritual home  11/26/01 Sidney Morning Herald 

topWorld News


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Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

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