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1/5/03 - 1/11/04

Sunday  1/11/04

National Alliance to End Homelessness: First Steering Committee Meeting, Boston, 1/22/04  1/11/04 Black Voter Network: "Will we be part of such an inhuman conspiracy? Will we be muted militants? Will we wander in complacent despair, placing our energy into trying to stay two or three paychecks away from the plight of those above? Come join us. Our first meeting of the steering committee is Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 6:30pm.  Contact: "

Terror cells regroup - and now their target is Europe  1/11/04 Observer, UK 

Hawks Tell Bush How to Win War on Terror  1/11/04 Telegraph, UK: published on 12/31/03 - "President George W Bush was sent a public manifesto yesterday by Washington's hawks, demanding regime change in Syria and Iran and a Cuba-style military blockade of North Korea backed by planning for a pre-emptive strike on its nuclear sites. The manifesto, presented as a "manual for victory" in the war on terror, also calls for Saudi Arabia and France to be treated not as allies but as rivals and possibly enemies."

Saturday  1/10/04

topChavez calls Condoleezza Rice an "illiterate" following sharp criticism  1/10/04 AFP: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dismissed US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice as a "true illiterate" for accusing him of not playing a constructive role in Latin America."

The Story Behind Saddam's Arrest  1/10/04 Antiwar: "Asked to comment on Saddam's capture, the resistance leader Jabbar al Kubaysi was quoted as saying: "Without the help of Iranian intelligence the arrest would not have been possible." Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi denied the Islamic Republic's involvement."

What They Don't Want You to Know  1/10/04 Antiwar: "Outside the work of a few outstanding journalists prepared to go beyond the official compounds in Iraq, the extent of the human carnage and material devastation is barely acknowledged. For example, the effect of uranium weapons used by American and British forces is suppressed. Iraqi and foreign doctors report that radiation illnesses are common throughout Iraq, and troops have been warned not to approach contaminated sites. Readings taken from destroyed Iraqi tanks in British-controlled Basra are so high that a British army survey team wore white, full-body radiation suits, face masks and gloves. With nothing to warn them, Iraqi children play on and around the tanks."

Ethiopians Told to Wait to Come to Israel  1/10/04 AP 

JAMAIL: Detained, Bludgeoned And Electrocuted Into A Coma  1/10/04 Jihad Unspun: "The doctors at the hospital in Tikrit, after performing diagnostic tests, informed the family that Mr. Abrahim had suffered massive head trauma, electrocution, and other beatings on his arms. An EKG proved that his heart was functioning perfectly. The family was told that he was in an unrecoverable state and would be in a coma for the rest of his life from the obvious trauma suffered from torture."

Nahua’s quest for territory  1/10/04 Latin America Press: "When the oil giant Shell began working in Camisea, near the Urubamba River, in the 1980s, its workers reported contact with nomadic indigenous people. Roads and paths built by the company also allowed loggers and settlers to enter the area, bringing diseases — some as simple as the flu or a cold — to which the Nahua people, also known as the Yora, had no resistance. The result, according to Vladimir Pinto of the Pro Human Rights Association of Lima, was “practically a genocide.” Experts estimate that between 40 percent and 70 percent of the Nahua died."

Haiti needs intervention  1/10/04 Montreal Gazette 

DIASPORA DIGEST - Protesting Somalis Face Indefinite Incarceration  1/10/04 NNPA: "Some 20 persons of Somali origin who were detained by the Department of Homeland Security (INS) over the last few years remain incarcerated for an indefinite period says Omar Jamal, executive director, Somali Justice Advocacy Center. “We spoke to Homeland Security on Monday, Dec. 15, and the situation looks grim. The authorities said the detainees will not be released, but if they request to be returned to Somalia, some arrangement could be worked out,” reported Jamal in an interview. The Somali Justice Advocacy Center here had expressed concern about the conditions of the Somali immigrant detainees, some of whom were transferred to Oak Park Heights prison in Stillwater, Minn., after a protest riot broke out at the Rush City Detention Center in late November. The detainees had refused to return to their cells and demanded a resolution of their immigration status after a protracted period of incarceration."

Former Treasury Sec. Paints Bush as 'Blind Man'  1/10/04 Reuters: "Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill likened President Bush at Cabinet meetings to "a blind man in a room full of deaf people," according to excerpts on Friday from a CBS interview."

Friday  1/9/04

topCheney Target of Criminal Investigation  1/9/04 Altnernet: "Though neglected by major media in the United States, international news sources report that French law enforcement authorities have made Vice President Dick Cheney the target of a criminal investigation for his role in a massive bribery scandal during his time as CEO of Halliburton. Le Figaro, one of France's biggest (and most conservative) newspapers, reports "an investigative judge is looking into allegations of corruption during construction of a natural gas complex in Nigeria by Halliburton and" a French oil company. According to a gas and oil trade publication (picked up by the international AP newswire on October 11, 2003) the judge is "looking into who may have benefited from nearly $200 million in potentially illegal commissions allegedly handed out from 1990 to 2002." In May, Halliburton admitted that, under Cheney's stewardship, it paid "$2.4 million in bribes to Nigerian officials to get favorable tax treatment." Halliburton now says it is cooperating with a simultaneous review by the Security and Exchange Commission."

Bolivarianos venezolanos residentes en EE.UU. serán entrevistados en La Lámpara de Diógenes este Viernes  1/9/04 Aporrea 

Condoleezza Rice: Referendo permitirá a Chávez demostrar su apego a los procesos democráticos  1/9/04 Aporrea: "A pesar de las declaraciones del Vicepresidente de la Republica José Vicente Rangel en donde califica de “impertinentes” algunos comentarios del gobierno estadounidense, Condoleezza Rice se convierte hoy en la tercera funcionaria de alto nivel que opina sobre el proceso político de Venezuela en el transcurso de una semana."

Cheney's Nigerian Mess  1/9/04 Figaro: published in France's Le Figaro, 12/20/03, translated on this site - "The hypothesis of an eventual indictment of Dick Cheney is officially contemplated by French justice. According to projections of the case, he could be charged with “eventual complicity in supplying the means or the orders or the reception (of stolen goods)”, for the misappropriation of public property. If such a prospect is not on the agenda, it is possible since the opening of the judicial inquiry October 8 for “the bribery of foreign public officials and misappropriation of public property” targeting the American company Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) which is the principal subsidiary of Halliburton, known for having obtained more than 2 billion dollars worth of Iraq reconstruction contracts from the American government and over which Richard Cheney presided as CEO from 1995 to 2000."

French sleaze inquiry targets US oil subsidiary  1/9/04 Guardian: "Some observers, however, said that the potentially embarrassing French investigation into such a well-connected American company could merely be a cynical tit-for-tat response to an equally sensitive investigation in the US into alleged wrongdoing by Crédit Lyonnais during the French bank's buyout of Executive Life Insurance Co, a failed US insurance company. French judicial officials said on Wednesday that the US was seeking the extradition of four former senior French executives in the case. Crédit Lyonnais has been under investigation in the US since 1998, when American authorities discovered it had secretly - and illegally - acquired Executive Life's assets in the 1990s."

Latin American Allies of U.S.: Docile and Reliable No Longer  1/9/04 NYT 

Cheney faces prosecution: report  1/9/04 Sydney Morning Herald: "In a letter to the attorney-general's department, magistrate Reynaud van Ruymbeke ruled out directly prosecuting Cheney on a charge of bribing foreign officials, Le Figaro said. But the official did not exclude the possibility of prosecution on the grounds of complicity in misuse of corporate assets, it added."

Media Misinforms About Situation in Venezuela, According to African-American Activists  1/9/04 Venezuela Analysis: "Education and Sports Minister Aristobulo Isturiz, a black man of African descent, couldn’t hide his satisfaction at the way the American delegation answered tricky questions from local anti-Chavez journalists. Isturiz has been described as a "monkey" or "chimpanzee" by opposition journalists in the past. He will join the delegation at the inauguration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Bolivarian School at the predominately black town of Naiguata. Some local news media only briefly mentioned the presence of the Americans in their newscasts. Others decided to ignore it complelty."

Afro-American activists say media misinforms about situation in Venezuela  1/9/04 Vheadlines: "Black Afro-Venezuelan Education, Culture & Sports (MECD) Minister Aristobulo Isturiz will join the delegates at the inauguration of the Bolivarian Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s School in the predominantly black town of Naiguata (Vargas) ... reportedly he could not hide his satisfaction at the way the American delegation handled tricky questions from anti-Chavez journalists who have in the past described him depreciatingly as a "monkey" or "chimpanzee." "

Chavez Frias: The laughing stock of the international financial community?  1/9/04 Vheadlines: the writer was a member of the first board of directors (1975-1979) of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), following nationalization of Venezuela's oil industry, Coronel has worked in the oil industry for 28 years in the United States, Holland, Indonesia, Algiers and in Venezuela.

Thursday  1/8/04

topCampaign of Fear! Is Homeland Security political terrorism?  1/8/04 African American News & Issues, TX 

Danny Glover y Bill Fletcher Jr. en Venezuela: medios estadounidenses no reflejan realidad venezolana  1/8/04 Aporrea: "Muy emocionado declaró sentirse, por su parte, Danny Glover, protagonista de los filmes "Arma letal" y "El color púrpura", quien aseguró que no podía desperdiciar la oportunidad de ser parte del momento histórico que se vive en Venezuela. Glover definió el proceso venezolano como un intento de hacer un país integracionista, en el que caben todos sus ciudadanos, y confirmó que "lo que se recibe en Estados Unidos, es básicamente desinformación". Lo que dicen los medios allá, agregó, no está acorde con la realidad venezolana y es por eso que hemos venido a escuchar y aprender no sólo de los políticos, sino también de la sociedad civil."

EEUU apoyó golpe de Estado en Venezuela afirma TransÁfrica Forum  1/8/04 Aporrea: ""El gobierno de Estados Unidos obviamente apoyó el golpe de Estado en Venezuela en abril de 2002 , de hecho, es un gobierno hostil" hacia uno de los presidentes que en este hemisferio "ha sido elegido tal vez con mayor democracia que en cualquier parte", así lo afirmó el presidente de la organización TransÁfrica, Bill Fletcher, al término de una reunión con funcionarios venezolanos en la Vicepresidencia de la República." Quoting Bill Fletcher, of TransAfrica and formerly Assistant to the President of the AFL-CIO as well as formerly the vice president for international trade union development programs for the George Meany Center of the AFL-CIO.

Wal-Mart and the Economic Destruction of Black Communities  1/8/04 Black Commentator 

Venezuela's Chavez Ogles Reserves Before Election: David DeRosa  1/8/04 Bloomberg: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants his country's central bank to fork over $1 billion for his administration to invest in agricultural projects. If the bank refuses, Chavez says he's ready to assume control of it."

Journalists Under Fire - The Death of José Couso in Baghdad  1/8/04 Counterpunch: "The death of José Couso was a premeditated crime, an attack on journalists to prevent us from telling the story of something the US has tried to hide from the start of the war: the slaughter of civilians." - Mónica G. Prieto, Baghdad correspondent for the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

One From a Psyops Unit and the Other From a Journalist Based in Lebanon  1/8/04 Defense in the National Interest: "The recent Oxford University survey of the Iraqi people is the best yet. According to it, 75% of the people do not trust us! But only 1% wants Saddam back. The undeniable truth here is that 99% of our soldiers want us out of here but only 17% of the Iraqis do … at least in the short term. The latter statistic is by survey, the soldier survey by anecdotal evidence."

The domination effect  1/8/04 Guardian, UK: "The evidence is that targeting of independent media and critics of the US is widening. The Pentagon is reportedly coordinating an "information operations road map", drafted by the Information Operations Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to Captain Gerald Mauer, the road map notes that information operations would be directed against an "adversary". But when the paper got to the office of the undersecretary of defence for policy, it was changed to say that information operations would attempt to "disrupt, corrupt or usurp" adversarial decision-making. "In other words," notes retired US army colonel Sam Gardiner, "we will even go after friends if they are against what we are doing or want to do." "

Three Brits Die In “Accidents”; Saddam’s Secretary “Dies” In US Custody  1/8/04 Jihad Unspun: "Al-Tikriti was taken into custody on 18 June, 2003. Abed Hamoud was considered one of Saddam's closest aides, and controlled access to the president. He was said to have directed matters of state and handed down many of the ousted regime's orders. Upon his capture, the US authorities claimed Abed Hamoud possessed vital information about Iraq's alleged WMD. Since his detention, reports in the Arabic press have claimed he was tortured by US investigators to pressure him to provide information on weapons development programs." Just like in Nam.

9 meses de impunidad - concentración frente a la embajada de EE.UU.  1/8/04 Jose Couso: "A punto de cumplirse 9 meses del asesinato de Jose convocamos una concentración el jueves 8 de enero de 2004, a las 20:00 hs. frente a la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Madrid (C/Serrano, 75. Metro Rubén Darío)."

Group Slams U.S. 'Disinformation' Against Venezuela  1/8/04 Reuters: "The delegation from the TransAfrica Forum, which studies African-American issues, began a week-long visit to Venezuela that included talks with political leaders and visits to schools and social programs in the racially mixed South American nation."

A Renewed Mexican-American War  1/8/04 Sierra Times 

Miami federal court has 'secret docket' to keep some cases hidden from public  1/8/04 Sun Sentinel, FL: "A secret docketing system hiding some sensitive Miami federal court cases from public view has been exposed and is being challenged in two higher courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. "We don't have secret justice in this country," said Lucy Dalglish, executive director of The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. The Washington-based journalists watchdog group is asking the appellate courts to open up two Miami federal cases it says were litigated in secret."

Afro-American celebrities on week-long visit to see Venezuela with their own eyes  1/8/04 Vheadlines: " is reporting that TransAfrica Forum president Bill Fletcher, actor Danny Glover, and US Service Employees International Union (SEIU) vice president Patricia Ford have started a week-long visit to Venezuela to see the results of the 'peaceful revolutionary process' led by President Hugo Chavez Frias… The delegation was accompanied today by Venezuelan Ambassador to Washington, D.C., Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, and included actor Danny Glover, Bill Fletcher, the international vice president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Patricia Ford, professor of criminology and director of the Department of Urban Studies (Washington, D.C.) Sylvia Hill, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) economist Julianne Malyeaux and the vice president of the TransAfrica Forum, Selena Mendy Singleton… Tomorrow, Friday, the group will attend the inauguration of the Bolivarian “Martin Luther King, Jr.” School in the Caribbean coastal town of Naiguata, where large numbers of Afro-Venezuelans live ... it will be the first official recognition in Venezuela of the leadership of one of the most important civil rights leaders from the United States in an event hosted by Minister of Education, Culture & Sports, Aristobulo Isturiz and Ambassador Alvarez Herrera. The delegation’s presence in Venezuela will also launch the official recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as a day of national celebration in Venezuela where a high percentage of the population traces its roots back to Africa ... the holiday has been celebrated in the United States since January 20 (1986) despite significant controversy, and is the only federal holiday commemorating an Afro-American. They have also been invited to meet local community groups, members of the women’s rights movement, government officials, educators and opposition leaders and will take part in President Chavez Frias’ weekly radio and television program 'Alo Presidente' on Sunday. Continuing to next Monday, the group will visit several working class neighborhoods in Caracas and meet with community activists."

Associated Press reports Danny Glover and black American activists visit Venezuela  1/8/04 Vheadlines: "The Associated Press is reporting that actor Danny Glover was among a delegation of black American activists who began a 9-day visit to meet President Hugo Chavez Frias and study the situation of blacks in Venezuela… Andres Izarra, spokesman for the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C., said the delegation also includes Patricia Ford of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), economist and writer Julianne Malveaux and James Early, director of Cultural Heritage Policy at the Smithsonian Institution's Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage."

Wednesday  1/7/04

topLeading Authority on 1967 Israeli Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty to Speak at Two Events Next Week  1/7/04 Cristol: "Most recently, Cristol was responsible for forcing the declassification by the U.S. National Security Agency of the transcripts of transmissions by two Israeli helicopter pilots that had been kept secret for 37 years. The recordings proved that Israel had mistaken the U.S.S. Liberty for an Egyptian ship." Indeed.

Civilians die as US forces open fire on Iraqi fighters  1/7/04 Dawn, Pakistan 

State Dep't plans conference on Israeli attack on U.S. ship  1/7/04 Haaretz, Israel: "The State Department will cast a spotlight next week on the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S. spy ship Liberty where 34 American servicemen were killed. Israeli, Arab, British and Canadian diplomats have been invited to attend a conference Monday and Tuesday at the department's Henderson auditorium. A. Jay Cristol, a former U.S. bankruptcy court judge who has written about the incident, will be a featured speaker. The two-day conference involves the release of historical research on the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. David Saterfield, a deputy assistant secretary of state, will deliver the keynote address."

CBC draws fire for Haiti support  1/7/04 The Hill 

Protests widen over sky marshals  1/7/04 The News, Pakistan: "More countries have joined the protests against American proposals to place armed guards on US-bound flights."

Critique of The Liberty Incident: Who is A. Jay Cristol  1/7/04 USS Liberty Inquiry: "Cristol claims to have conducted interviews with people who deny that they were ever interviewed by him, including several Liberty survivors. Cristol’s interaction with Captain Ward Boston provides an excellent example of this sort of claim."

Venezuela: Provocations by Misinformed US State Department Spokesman Will Not Affect Relations  1/7/04 Venezuela Analysis: 'Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel commented this Tuesday in relation to statements made by US State Department spokesman, Adam Ereli, about alleged reports that Venezuela and Cuba are creating and funding an effort to cultivate anti-American sentiment in Latin America."

Tuesday  1/6/04

topAnti-FTAA Speaking Tour: AfroVenezuelan Network  1/6/04 AfroCubaWeb 

Permanent Bases - Leave Iraq? Hell No, We Won't Go!  1/6/04 Counterpunch 

Letters from Leonard Peltier on the genocide of Native Americans (Part II)  1/6/04 Final Call 

¿Por qué una red de organizaciones afrovenezolanas?  1/6/04 Fundacion Afroamerica: "Nuestra constitución bolivariana, en su preámbulo, expresa un compromiso con “un proceso de refundación de la Republica a través de profundas transformaciones sociales destinadas a establecer una sociedad democrática, soberana, responsable, multi-étnica y pluricultural, constituida por hombres y mujeres iguales, niños y niñas que son el interés superior del estado, en correspondencia con los valores de pertinencia e identidad nacional”. Es precisamente en este marco de transformación institucional que las organizaciones afro, comenzaron desde hace varios años, a buscar reconocimientos en la esfera de lo cultural, social, jurídico, educativo, agricultura, ambiente, para estimular la inserción social de las poblaciones afrovenezolanas y minimizar la exclusión estructural de los últimos años."

Comunidades afrodecendientes en Venezuela y América  1/6/04 Fundacion Afroamerica 

Iraq Police Chief Says U.S. Army Gunned Down Family  1/6/04 Reuters: classic US troop behavior, immortalized in several Nam era movies, with roots in the Indian Wars of colonization.

Monday  1/5/04


Bolivia's drug crisis worsening  1/5/04 Chicago Sun Times: "The problem with the program, begun by the Clinton administration, is focusing South America entirely on counter-drug objectives rather than counter-insurgency concerns. The result in Bolivia has been deepening political turmoil after pro-coca forces helped oust a pro-American president."

Lapid: Fence could lead to SA-style boycott of Israel  1/5/04 Haaretz, Israel: "The debate on the issue of the construction of the separation fence at the International Court of Justice in The Hague is the first step toward turning Israel into the South Africa of today, and there is a danger that we will be exposed to international boycotts as was the case prior to the fall of the regime in South Africa," Justice Minister Yosef Lapid warned the cabinet yesterday."

Jamaican culture shines at Haiti's bicentennial celebrations  1/5/04 Jamaica Observer 

Cisneros-Miami-Dorado crime connection behind seized US$2.5 million?  1/5/04 Vheadlines: "A disenchanted US State Department source told today that "it may be seen as a cynical question but, in the knowledge of everything that has gone before with USA covert support to Venezuela's anti-government rebels, it would be a given conclusion that the White House is up to its neck with Cisneros in plotting against Chavez Frias." ...Meanwhile, back in Caracas, Finance (Hacienda) Ministry officials say that as much as US$18 million may have passed illegally through Caracas international airport in the month of December alone. Interior & Justice (MIJ) officials are already on the track of massive amounts of black market dollars which have been used to finance black propaganda campaigns against the government and to pay for opposition acts of terrorism against government installations. Sources say that leading members of a shadowy Group 5 and right-wing extremists on the fringe of Coordinadora Democratica (CD) have been fingered and that Venezuelan authorities have already established an organized crime connection "Cisneros-Miami-Dorado" also linked to the majority owners of the now near bankrupted El Nacional newspaper and activists in discredited political parties Accion Democratica (AD) and Primero Justicia (PJ)."

Cities in revolt over Patriot Act  1/5/04 Washington Times: " Hundreds of city and county governments across the nation last year initiated the grass-roots effort by passing resolutions declaring they would not cooperate with the federal government in enforcing the law, which they claim undermines civil liberties. Those voices grew louder last week when the nation's oldest and largest national group of elected municipal government officials, the National League of Cities (NLC), passed a resolution at its annual meeting calling for Congress to repeal parts of the act."

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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