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    World News
11/19/01 - 11/25/01

Sunday  11/25/01

Cuban musician Compay Segundo celebrates 94th  11/25/01 AP 

Hundreds of captured foreign fighters said dead in prison riot put down with U.S. airstrikes  11/25/01 AP 

Global healing  11/25/01 Boston Phoenix 

Fear rides in cab with hate crime victim  11/25/01 Chicago Tribune 

Tribal rivals vie for keys to Kandahar  11/25/01 Chicago Tribune 

Guyanese, Cuban officials to discuss scholarships, trade  11/25/01 CNN 

Belgium blamed for icon's murder  11/25/01 Guardian, UK: The Belgian Monarchy implicated in Lumumba's murder, in a role similar to bin Laden's alleged authorship of 9-11.

Victorious warlords set to open the opium floodgates  11/25/01 Guardian, UK 

Alliance says Kunduz has been captured  11/25/01 Independent, UK 

Bush's New Rules to Fight Terror Transform the Legal Landscape  11/25/01 NYT 

Fugitive abortion foe: I sent anthrax threats  11/25/01 Pittsburgh Post Gaazette 


The Writing Is On The Wall  11/25/01 Radio Progresso: Elections in Miami…

Campaign for Afghan women seems insincere  11/25/01 St. Petersburg Times: "Maj. Martha McSally, a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force who has helped to enforce the no-fly zone in Iraq, brought the issue to the public in April. In an interview with USA Today, McSally said she objected to the military forcing female soldiers to don the abaya when off the base -- even when in a car (which she is prohibited by our government from driving). Men have no similar restrictions and wear Western clothes off base. McSally has complained about this double-standard all the way up the chain of command, to no avail. She was told, in effect, that the dignity and equality of women soldiers have to take a back seat (so to speak) to our sensitivities about Saudi culture."

US targets three more countries  11/25/01 Sunday Times, UK: The "War on Terrorism" goes to Africa: "Targets linked to Osama Bin Laden in Somalia, Sudan and Yemen will be at the top of the hit list, according to senior sources in London and Washington."

Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians  11/25/01 The Observer, UK: "A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal. Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away. Such a drastic act of self-censorship is unprecedented in research publishing and has created widespread disquiet, generating fears that it may involve the suppression of scientific work that questions Biblical dogma. 'I have authored several hundred scientific papers, some for Nature and Science, and this has never happened to me before,' said the article's lead author, Spanish geneticist Professor Antonio Arnaiz-Villena, of Complutense University in Madrid. 'I am stunned.' "

Indefensible: The case against military tribunals.  11/25/01 Wall Street Journal: The WSJ is not usually given to such a defense of liberty

Cuban Music's Offbeat Regeneration  11/25/01 Washington Post: Describes a Miami club called "Fuakata!"

Saturday  11/24/01

topAmerican Council of Trustees and Alumni  11/24/01 : Resurgent McCarthyism: The "Council" has list of 117 anti-American statements heard on college campuses compiled by this conservative nonprofit group devoted to curbing liberal tendencies in academia. The list, part of a report that was posted on the group's Web site ( last week, accuses several dozen scholars, students and even a university president of what they call unpatriotic behavior after Sept. 11.

'Special forces killed'  11/24/01 AFP: "At least 35 US special forces soldiers were killed and many injured in a firefight with pro-Taliban troops in southern Afghanistan, a Pakistani newspaper has reported."

El país dispone de recursos para recuperarse, afirma Fidel  11/24/01 AIN, Cuba 

1878 Military Law Gets New Attention  11/24/01 AP: Now they want to take away Posse Comitatus and turn the US into a military dictatorship, where activists are terrorists.

A victory indeed on the electronic battlefield  11/24/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: "Once I had responded thoughtfully to some of the more emotional and critical e-mails, I was amazed at what followed. The writers toned down their rhetoric; they were no longer abusive and ideas began to circulate and be exchanged. The anti-Arab and anti-Islamic tirades were quietly forgotten and slipped into the realm of regrettable past mistakes. A dialogue had begun and in it, there was understanding and concern — and a willingness to admit that, however painful it might be, perhaps America too had its faults. This is exactly what I meant in the opening lines about a new media battlefield — a battlefield where we can fight with understanding, knowledge and tact. And in so doing, we can win some important victories."

Afghan war has only just begun  11/24/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: vintage Robert Fisk:"Are we going to admit we helped the Alliance to gain the upper hand but then eschew all interest in the results? Isn’t there even a faint, horrible parallel with Osama Bin Laden? If he merely inspired murderers to commit the crimes against humanity of Sept. 11, surely he was guilty of the death of 5,000 people. But if we facilitate Alliance murderers, it seems we are innocent of the crime."

Hebron's Jewish extremists protected despite actions  11/24/01 Boston Globe: "Seven drive-by shootings have claimed five Palestinian lives since March, and many have been wounded. In one case, the target was a family driving home from a wedding. Three of the seven people, including a 10-week-old baby, were killed. No arrests have been announced in any of the cases, and police say their investigations are severely hampered by the lack of cooperation from Jewish residents of the occupied territories and their supporters in Israel proper. ''You cannot arrest the Jews, only the Arabs,'' said Amit, a former tank commander in central Hebron, who asked that his family name not be used because he is still an army reservist. ''It is not in the orders in so many words, but in the spirit of the orders. You understand.''

En Estados Unidos la censura llegó a Internet  11/24/01 CENIAI Noticias, Cuba 

US a terrorist state: Chomsky  11/24/01 Dawn, Pakistan 

Restraint Urged Over Prisoners  11/24/01 Guardian, UK 

Bin Laden, the hidden truth By Guillaume Dasquié and Jean-Charles Brisard  11/24/01 Intelligence Online: Read extracts of this interesting new book, in French

Family members of 9/11 victims to lead DC—NYC peace walk: OUR GRIEF IS NOT A CRY FOR WAR  11/24/01 " The group of survivors and friends will set off at 9 AM Sunday, November 25, from the front gates of Georgetown University in Washington, DC (37th and O Street). They will arrive the next Sunday, December 2, in New York City. In between they will walk some distances and shuttle others, stopping in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Paterson and other locations to take parts in events being organized by local churches and other groups."

A Terrorist (& Fall-Guys) at Work in Paraguay  11/24/01 NY Transfer News: "For the first time in Latin America, complete records of a military dictatorship have just been discovered. After three decades of systematic persecution in Paraguay, opponents have been given complete access to detailed documents referring to a dictator's regime propped up by the West."

An Organization on the Lookout for Patriotic Incorrectness  11/24/01 NYT 

Pakistanis Again Said to Evacuate Allies of Taliban  11/24/01 NYT 

Wait Until Dark  11/24/01 NYT: Now that Ashcroft is known to have detained 50 Israelis, he becomes a bad guy for the New York Times…

When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman  11/24/01 Orlin Grabbe: "I suspect the reason Riconosciuto was ignored was that the relevant parties, including especially the Miami FBI office, knew all along the bombings would take place. And they wanted them to happen." Ah, the Miami FBI…

BRAZIL RESPONDS WITH ANGER TO US DIPLOMAT'S "TERROR NETWORK" ACCUSATIONS  11/24/01 Radio Havana: "The Brazilian leader made the statement in a parliamentary conference in which he urged participants to make sure that the struggle against terrorism does not eclipse the fight against poverty and social inequality, which is his opinion, are Latin America's most serious problems."

Shoah business  11/24/01 Salon: The deniers must love this one…

Taliban kill 35 US troops  11/24/01 The News, Pakistan: US denials this time ring suspect given similar denials issued after the Oct 20th defeat of US special forces in Kandabar.

Night of fear and fire as US soldiers strike  11/24/01 Times, UK: Brave US special forces destroy heating oil for Afghan civilians

US 'allows Pakistani fighters to escape'  11/24/01 Times, UK 

Analysis: So near and yet so far  11/24/01 UPI: "Spanish sources in Madrid, reached by telephone, said there had so far been no formal U.S. request for extradition of the eight detainees. But if the Bush Administration did not agree to the Spanish pre-conditions -- which seems probable -- the result would be a legal stand-off -- with the same situation likely to be re-enacted in other European countries holding terrorist suspects."

Friday  11/23/01

topUS shuts down Somalia internet  11/23/01 BBC: Revenge for Black Hawk Down

Antiterror law gives U.S. sweeping Net power  11/23/01 CNN: ""It's a massive expansion of U.S. sovereignty," said Mark Rasch, now with computer security firm Predictive Systems. A prosecution can occur if any part of a crime takes place within U.S. borders. A large part of the Internet's communications traffic goes through the United States, even in messages that travel from one foreign country to another."

Further energy cuts in Cuba  11/23/01 CubaNet 

The Velvet Banana, Part Two: The Era of Good Stealings  11/23/01 Democratic Underground 

Britain told to keep forces out  11/23/01 Guardian, UK: "Jack Straw, the foreign secretary, was warned by Iran and its Northern Alliance partners yesterday that the post-Taliban government in Kabul is unlikely to accept the need for British or other foreign troops on Afghan soil once the immediate military crisis ends."

US plans TV station to rival al-Jazeera  11/23/01 Guardian, UK: The repression of dissent on a global scale: first you bomb the station, then you set up a competitor. When and where will they bomb it again?

Asian Reservations About the War on Terrorism  11/23/01 IHT: "There is unease in East Asia at events in Afghanistan and the evolution of the "global war on terrorism." There is no sympathy for Osama bin Laden, but unease reflects worry that the response to Sept. 11 will do more harm than good. It also taps into old wells of anti-Western sentiment. . Despite Asia's infatuation with Western popular and technological culture, and continued reliance on the U.S. strategic umbrella, Western political agendas are under scrutiny."

With the Latest High-Tech Sensors, U.S. Can 'See' Inside Caves  11/23/01 IHT: "U.S. forces seeking the hideouts of Osama bin Laden are being equipped with sophisticated new technology - an array of sensors - that can pierce darkness, bad weather and as much as 100 feet of solid rock, homing in on heat, magnetic fields, vibrations and other faint cues." And yet the base camp forOsama's last interview had yet to be bombed and they turned over their diesel engines every night!

Key lieutenant with mission to seize power in Uzbekistan dies in fighting  11/23/01 Independent, UK: "Osama bin Laden's lieutenant Juma Namangani, who was fighting to establish a Taliban-style rule in Uzbekistan, was killed at the weekend, either in a battle with Northern Alliance forces or during US air strikes near Kunduz, sources on both sides of the Afghan war said."

Northern Alliance launch fierce raid as Taliban surrender starts. So was this treachery or tragedy?  11/23/01 Independent, UK 

Taliban surrender on the front line but the chaotic battle for Kunduz still rages  11/23/01 Independent, UK 

Companies Compete to Provide Saudi Internet Veil  11/23/01 NYT: "Nearly a dozen software companies, most of them American, are competing for a contract to help Saudi Arabia block access to Web sites the Saudi government deems inappropriate for that nation's half- million Internet users. For the companies, the Saudi account would be important not only for the direct revenue which analysts say could be worth several million dollars but also for its value as a flagship that could help win similar contracts from other governments." The dirty dozen includes Secure Computing & Web Sense. Websense's current clients include more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, the United States Army and Saudi Aramco, the large Saudi oil company. Other software that Saudi Arabia has considered includes products from Surf Control, a London company; N2H2, of Seattle; and Symantec, a Cupertino, Calif., company.

Children killed by Israeli tank shell in schoolyard  11/23/01 Sidney Morning Herald 

Taleban reverses coalition gains  11/23/01 The Scotsman, UK: "Northern Alliance commanders and local residents said that further to the west of Maidanshar, Hazara fighters who had been battling the Taleban had switched sides. The Hazaras, a Shi’ite Muslim minority said to be descended from the soldiers of Ghengis Khan, have been loosely affiliated to the Northern Alliance and have been victims of Taleban massacres in the past. But the leader of the Hazara Hezb-i-Wahdat faction, Karim Khalili, dismissed suggestions of new ethnic conflict. " Khalili's Hazaras are allied with Iran, they live on both sides of the Iran Afghanistan frontier.

Pak faces Kargil II in Kunduz  11/23/01 Times of India 

US raids target residential areas in Kunduz  11/23/01 Times of India: Perhaps by now the US has bombed and more civilians in Afghanistan than perished in the World Trade Center. And when you add all the deaths from starvation, lack of medicine, and destruction of the water supply, it will be several times that, which is traditionial for the West fighting in the 3rd world. Remains to be seen how much the US can apply strategies honed against the original hunter gathering native inhabitants of their land to the rest of the planet. Hitler always admired the American Indian strategy and even called it a model for his approach to Eastern Europe and Russia. Look where it got him!

City of blood and betrayal  11/23/01 Times, UK 

CIA operation had torture links  11/23/01 Wall Street Journal 

Thursday  11/22/01

topDenuncia Cuba estratagemas para no enjuiciar a Posada Carriles  11/22/01 Agencia Cubana de Noticias: Details the stratagems of the Miami Mafia, including the CANF, to get Luis Posada Carilles, one of the most horrendous terrorists in the Americas, off the hook from having attempted the assassination of Fidel and 2,000 Panamanians with a large bomb.

The Reign of George "Caesar" Bush: More Fraud, More War and More Power to the State  11/22/01 Al Martin 

Four US firms first to sign pacts with Cuba in four decades  11/22/01 Boston Globe 

Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away  11/22/01 From the Wilderness 

Operation Northwood: Read the Top Secret documents describing the Pentagon's plan to attack Americans in order to start a war with Cuba. And you think they wouldn't do it to the World Trade Center?  11/22/01 From the Wilderness: "In 1962 the Pentagon and the CIA were desperate for a war with Cuba. How desperate? Desperate enough to plan attacks against American bases, equipment and personnel. Desperate enough to dress up American trained Cubans as Communists to make the attacks on American bases. Desperate enough to manufacture an airplane that looked like a Russian MiG to shoot down an American airliner."

After a Quick Victory, a New Age of War Begins  11/22/01 IHT: "However, the upshot of this revolution in military technology and capability is unlikely to be a Pax Americana or a more secure world. One of the direct outcomes of this new form of precision warfare will be an increase in opponents adopting asymmetric approaches to war. . As conventional warfare becomes more and more difficult to conduct against the West, foes will be driven to tactics like those of Qaida, striking at the soft underbelly of our societies."

Focus Shifts to Guerrilla Warfare in the South  11/22/01 IHT 

A WAR ON CIVILIANS?  11/22/01 Knight-Ridder 

Police Are Split on Questioning of Mideast Men  11/22/01 NYT 


U.S. Death Penalty Stops Spain Extraditing Suspects  11/22/01 Reuters: Viva España, where the military tribunals don't count: "Spain cannot extradite suspected Islamic extremists to the United States while the death penalty is in force there, judicial sources said on Thursday. Eight suspected members of a radical Spanish Islamic group were detained in Spain last week, accused of involvement in the September 11 hijacked aircraft attacks on the United States."

Prime Minister rebukes Short’s criticism  11/22/01 The Scotsman 

Pentagon adviser wants Iraq in crosshairs  11/22/01 UPI 

Will Americans End Up Before Secret Military Tribunals?  11/22/01 VDARE 

Police Brutality Is Back  11/22/01 Village Voice 

Saddam in the Crosshairs  11/22/01 Village Voice: "Indeed, despite the CIA's cowboy image, the Agency's old Afghan and Middle East hands marvel at what they consider lunacy. "The Agency as an institution would never offer up a view of these people, but if you ask individuals, they think these guys are more than a little nuts," says a veteran of the CIA's Directorate of Operations. Adds another longtime case officer: "I think there's a common view in the intelligence community that if we're really serious about dismantling Osama bin Laden's network, intelligence is key, and for that, we necessarily have to work with our allies to get the best intelligence we possibly can, which is going to take time and cooperation. Powell's done a good job of putting a coalition together and keeping it together—he recognizes the reality that any coalition will break apart in a nanosecond if there's a call to go after Iraq. And going after Hamas or Hezbollah would be a terrible mistake—neither has broad-based support in Palestine, neither is an exclusively terrorist organization, neither is attacking Americans, and if we do go after them, they'll start targeting Americans. Attack those places and there will be consequences that we simply will not be able to deal with. But Perle and Wolfowitz are absolutists, and they're stupid."

50 Countries Detain 360 Suspects at CIA's Behest  11/22/01 Washington Post 

U.S. political prisoners need support  11/22/01 Worker's World: Sundiata Acoli and numerous others in lockdown, solitary since 9-11

Wednesday  11/21/01

topInvestigators Say Fire That Destroyed Sikh Temple in New York Was Arson  11/21/01 AP 

LULAC Questions Zionist's Attack on La Raza  11/21/01 Aztlan: "The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the nation's oldest and largest Latino (predominantly Mexican-American) organization with over 700 membership chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico issued a press release on Sunday condemning Jewish Mogul and Zionist Ron Unz for his defamation of our Bilingual Teacher Corps by comparing them to "Islamic terrorists."

Fears for civilians trapped in Kunduz  11/21/01 BBC 

Wrong Time For Police Agencies To Ignore Hate Crimes  11/21/01 Black World Today 

Hate groups try to capitalize on Sept. 11  11/21/01 Christian Science Monitor 

Arrest Every Muslim That Enters Georgia  11/21/01 Counterpunch 

Operation Condor: Deciphering the U.S. Role  11/21/01 Crimes of War: "Chile's Truth and Reconciliation Commission later learned that the capture of Fuentes was a cooperative effort by Argentine intelligence services, personnel of the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, and Paraguayan police. Fuentes was transferred to Chilean police, who brought him to Villa Grimaldi, a notorious DINA detention center in Santiago. He was last seen there, savagely tortured. Recently declassified U.S. documents include a letter from the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires (written by FBI official Robert Scherrer) informing the Chilean military that Fuentes had been captured. Additionally, Scherrer provided the names and addresses of three individuals residing in the United States whom Fuentes named during his interrogation, and told his counterparts in the Pinochet regime that the FBI was conducting investigations of the three. This letter, among others, confirms that U.S. officials and agencies were cooperating with the military dictatorships and acting as a link in the Condor chain. Perhaps most striking is that this coordination was routine (if secret), standard operating procedure within U.S. policy."

The Dogs of Democracy  11/21/01 DEFENCE OF CANADIAN LIBERTY COMMITTEE: At Ottowa, during recent anti-globalization protests, once again we have a police riot: "A videographer who was at Le Breton Flats earlier in the morning said that, once protesters were made to lie down and arrested, the police would put dogs on them - after they had been handcuffed. She had footage of police breaking up the crowd with dogs. Her video shows dogs rearing up on their hind legs, their teeth bared, their saliva flying. The police would periodically increase the length of a leash to scare demonstrators. A protester on the flats at the time said, "Prior to the beginning of Saturday's march, a police dog was released into the crowd ... it obviously had no direct target."

The Velvet Banana, Part One: The Coup d'etat of 2000  11/21/01 Democratic Underground 

The Poster Police: A Durham student activist gets a visit from the Secret Service  11/21/01 Durham Independent: Secret Service: "Ma'am, we've gotten a report that you have anti-American material, or something like that, in your apartment,"

How Did United Flight 93 Crash?  11/21/01 

State Judge Dembe Rejects Mumia's Appeal  11/21/01 

Britain may be forced to withdraw troops  11/21/01 Guardian, UK 

House of Saud looks close to collapse  11/21/01 Guardian, UK 

Special forces strike in the night - and oil tanker owners lose livelihoods  11/21/01 Guardian, UK 

Guerrilla of the Week  11/21/01 Guerrilla News 

Opium farmers rejoice at defeat of the Taliban  11/21/01 Independent, UK 

US warned on human rights over treatment of troops  11/21/01 Independent, UK: "America would be in breach of its international obligations if it allowed the Northern Alliance to refuse to accept the surrender of Taliban soldiers in the Afghan cities of Kunduz and Kandahar, lawyers and human rights groups have warned. They said that under international law America could be held responsible for genocide if Taliban troops were massacred despite offering to surrender. Under the Geneva Convention, it is illegal to give no quarter to the enemy."

JOHN PILGER: THIS WAR OF LIES GOES ON  11/21/01 IndyMedia: "Yet in late September and early October, leaders of Pakistan's two Islamic parties negotiated bin Laden's extradition to Pakistan to stand trial for the September 11 attacks. The deal was that he would be held under house arrest in Peshawar. According to reports in Pakistan (and the Daily Telegraph), this had both bin Laden's approval and that of Mullah Omah, the Taliban leader. The offer was that he would face an international tribunal, which would decide whether to try him or hand him over to America. Either way, he would have been out of Afghanistan, and a tentative justice would be seen to be in progress. It was vetoed by Pakistan's president Musharraf who said he "could not guarantee bin Laden's safety". But who really killed the deal? The US Ambassador to Pakistan was notified in advance of the proposal and the mission to put it to the Taliban. Later, a US official said that "casting our objectives too narrowly" risked "a premature collapse of the international effort if by some luck chance Mr bin Laden was captured".\

'Catastrophic errors' as US bombers target anti-Taliban towns  11/21/01 Media Workers Against the War 

Justice, sadism and the US rage at Al Jazeera  11/21/01 Media Workers Against the War 

U.S. faces difficult guerrilla war  11/21/01 MSNBC 

A Police Force Rebuffs F.B.I. on Querying Mideast Men  11/21/01 NYT: "Mr. Kirkland, who is black, said his own background had also played a role in his decision. "I grew up in Detroit," he said, "and I hated the police with a passion. They were always stopping and bothering me."

Shocking images from Afghanistan  11/21/01 PakNews: Photos the US media will not publish

Art and Popular Culture: strength in numbers  11/21/01 Radio Progresso 

French trade shudders over U.S. wheat sale to Cuba  11/21/01 Reuters 

Our Miscount, and We're Sticking to It: How reductions in the World Trade Center death toll are quietly ignored  11/21/01 St Louis Times: Now that we may be down to 3,000 victims, surely the US has passed that number in Afghanistan. But according to the 10 to 1 kill ratio generally accepted for massacres of whites in the past century, we can can expect another 30,000 in Afghanistan, at least.

Iraq 'not linked to September 11'  11/21/01 Telegraph, UK: "ISRAELI intelligence agencies have not detected any link between Iraq and the September 11 terrorist attacks, officials said yesterday. They also dismissed claims that Osama bin Laden has acquired nuclear weapons."

Village of death casts doubts over US intelligence  11/21/01 Telegraph, UK 

Criticism over aid widens US rift  11/21/01 The Scotsman: "RELATIONS between Britain and the US fell to their lowest point since the 11 September attacks yesterday after Clare Short broke ranks to criticise heavily the American commitment to the humanitarian relief work in Afghanistan. In a series of stinging observations, Ms Short, the International Development Secretary, claimed the US military was hampering aid effort in the war-torn country and rebuked the US government for its parsimonious contribution to the alleviation of global poverty."

Where America's leaders fear to tread  11/21/01 Times, UK: "At first it [British policy] was simple, to get bin Laden by diplomatic means. It was to squeeze the Taleban until bin Laden popped, by cutting off their money from Saudi Arabia and applying extreme pressure from the Saudis, Iran and Pakistan. At the risk of repeating myself and British ministers in early September, the policy was to cut the Taleban’s external cash and put a price on bin Laden’s head. He and his Arabs were already “unwelcome guests” to the Pashtuns. Pay enough in bribes and the warlords would do for bin Laden what he did for the Northern Alliance commander, Ahmed Shah Masood. His fall would soon topple the Taleban leadership as well, since they drew money from the same well. The policy needed only Pakistan and the Saudis to play ball. In the flurry of briefings and counter-briefings over the past two months, I have heard this message over and again, summed up by a former Afghan Foreign Minister in Whitehall last week. He said simply: “The policy was sound. It would have taken two months.” In the days after September 11, it was being implemented with overwhelming regional support. Kabul and Kandahar were crawling with spies. The Taleban were starting to split. The so-called regional option was shattered by the Americans before it was tried. Domestic pressure on Washington to stage a high-profile retaliation was too strong. "

Military Favors a Homeland Command  11/21/01 Washington Post 

Tuesday  11/20/01

topThe Validity of Anti-War Criticism  11/20/01 Alternet 

Basic rights under siege  11/20/01 Chicago Sun Times 

Moving Toward A Police State (Or Have We Arrived?)  11/20/01 Counterpunch 

Awe-Inspiring, Historic Damage to the Nation  11/20/01 Democratic Underground 

Taliban abandon surrender plan after 'prophetic dream'  11/20/01 Independent, UK 

Liberty Is Dying, Liberal by Liberal  11/20/01 LA Times 

Muslim Group Seeks to Meet Billy Graham's Son  11/20/01 NYT: "According to a transcript of the interview, Mr. Graham said Islam had attacked the United States on Sept. 11. He said that Muslims worshiped a different God than Christians and that he believed Islam to be "a very evil and wicked religion." The remarks came amid a longer interview, devoted mainly to Mr. Graham's Christian theology. Mr. Graham has emerged as a major figure among evangelical Protestants, offering prayers at national events, including President Bush's inauguration."

US targeting journalists not portraying their viewpoint, The Guardian  11/20/01 PakNews 

THE WAR IS A TRAP  11/20/01 Pravda 

Israel Wrecks Gaza Houses, Plans Settlement Homes  11/20/01 Reuters 

War's reporting provokes sharp criticism by readers  11/20/01 The Plain Dealer, US: Hide your head in the sand and then complain about themes of collective US guilt…

Bombings kill 1,000 around Kunduz: Report  11/20/01 Times of India 

America will take no prisoners  11/20/01 Times, UK: Rumsfeld trying to stiffen the back of Northern Alliance warlords, urging them on to mass slaughter.

Marines to join the hunt  11/20/01 USA Today: "In what would be the largest buildup of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, up to 1,600 Marines are preparing to join hundreds of U.S. commandos as early as this week for a final drive to hunt down Osama bin Laden, military officials said. Already, Afghan tribal chiefs have begun cave-by-cave searches in three slivers of Afghanistan, senior U.S. officials said. U.S. special operations forces are supporting the searches by providing new intelligence of bin Laden's suspected whereabouts, sealing off escape routes, and calling in airstrikes to destroy underground hideouts."

Beyond Osama: The Pentagon’s Battle With Powell Heats Up  11/20/01 Village Voice 

Anthrax gives AIDS run for its money - Even Democrats want to shift fed funds to bioterror diseases  11/20/01 WorldNetDaily: From a conservative Christian site, cheering the new importance of anthrax against AIDS, viewed as a disease of sin: "Stupak proposed giving HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson the authority to "reprogram" AIDS funds for bioterror diseases. "Thank you so very much," Thompson said. "I think especially now, the department certainly needs more flexibility. We have to scrimp and scrape from every place we can" to come up with money to combat bioterrorism."

Israel Revives Torture, Charges Amnesty  11/20/01 Yahoo 

Monday  11/19/01

topWas Flight 93 Shot Down Over Pennsylvania? If So, Was It Because The Hijackers Were Targeting Three Mile Island?  11/19/01 Buzzflash 

Terrorists push plots from jail  11/19/01 Chicago Tribune 

How smart was this bomb?  11/19/01 Guardian, UK: "Did the US mean to hit the Kabul offices of Al-Jazeera TV? Some journalists are convinced it was targeted for being on the 'wrong side'. Matt Wells reports"

Carpet bombing 'kills 150 civilians' in frontline town  11/19/01 Independent, UK 

US efforts to make peace summed up by 'oil'  11/19/01 Irish Times: "The US oil company Chevron - where Mr Bush's National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice was a director throughout the 1990s - is deeply involved in Kazakhstan. In 1995, another US company, Unocal (formerly Union Oil Company of California) signed a contract to export $8 billion worth of natural gas through a $3 billion pipeline which would go from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan. The authors recall how the State Department applauded the Taliban takeover in September 1996, five months after a US assistant secretary of state warned "economic opportunities will be missed" if political stability was not restored in Afghanistan. Laila Helms, the part Afghan niece of the former CIA director and former US ambassador to Tehran Richard Helms, is described as the Mata-Hari of US-Taliban negotiations. Ms Helms brought Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi, an adviser to Mullah Omar, to Washington for five days in March 2001 - after the Taliban had destroyed the ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan. Hashimi met the directorate of Central Intelligence at the CIA and the Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the State Department."

Muslim Moderate Kabbani Firm on Terrorist Nuclear Threat  11/19/01 NewsMax 

SafeWeb Shuts Free Anonymous Web Service  11/19/01 Reuters: "An Internet privacy firm has closed an anonymous Web surfing service that had been partly funded by the CIA and intended to give Web users in countries such as China and Iran a way to circumvent censors, the company said on Monday. Emeryville, California-based SafeWeb last week quietly shut down its service which allowed people to surf the Web anonymously for free, and is unlikely to restart it, spokeswoman Sandra Song said."

Taleban abandon bin Laden  11/19/01 Times, UK: Casualties mount as Americans bomb suspected Osama hideouts: "With bin Laden on the run, US fighter-bombers have stepped up their pounding of suspected safe houses and caves, directed by spy planes and satellites. The intensity of the bombing was clear yesterday with reports of 30 people killed in the village of Shamshad, five miles from the Pakistani border. Earlier 62 people were reportedly killed in another attack on an Islamic religious school near Khost."

Lynne Cheney's campus crusade  11/19/01 Working for Change 

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