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    World News
11/17/03 - 11/23/03

Sunday  11/23/03

topArmy Reserve battling an exodus  11/23/03 Boston Globe: "The US Army Reserve fell short of its reenlistment goals this fiscal year, underscoring Pentagon fears that the protracted conflict in Iraq could cause a crippling exodus from the armed services."

Jacksons rally around Michael  11/23/03 CNN/China Daily 

L. Paul Bremer III  11/23/03 Disinfopedia 

In Iraq Debate, Bremer Comes Out a Winner  11/23/03 LA Times: Bremer came to Iraq from Kissinger Associates where he was a director.

Mission Creep Hits Home  11/23/03 LA Times: "Preoccupied with the war in Iraq and still traumatized by Sept. 11, 2001, the American public has paid little attention to some of what is being done inside the United States in the name of anti-terrorism. Under the banner of "homeland security," the military and intelligence communities are implementing far-reaching changes that blur the lines between terrorism and other kinds of crises and will break down long-established barriers to military action and surveillance within the U.S." Kind of like what they did with MLK and others during the Viet Nam war.

Saturday  11/22/03

topSearching for the truth  11/22/03 Amarillo Globe News: "One of the things Sturdivan focused on was debunking the extra gunman theory, which was popularized in part by the Zapruder film that showed JFK's head jerking back, as if he had been shot from in front and behind. "We were able to explain for the first time the reason for Kennedy's backward motion in the car," Sturdivan said. "A colleague and I resurrected some archival films that showed that the shot to the head caused an intense neuromuscular reaction, and that is the reason Kennedy jerked backward after the shot." Sturdivan's findings are extremely complex, but the layman's explanation is that the bullet pierced the top of the spinal column, stretched the nerves and caused them to send out messages essentially forcing every muscle in the body to seize up. Because a human's back muscles are stronger than his abdominal muscles, Kennedy's body instinctively arched his back, slamming it backward." - a pity that this boy's life work is based on the fraudulent Zapruder film, where the backward motion is one of a number of artifacts of that fraud, including two spices along the sequence of the film and a continuous splice separating the entire intersprocket area from the rest of the film.

40 years of doubts: Conspiracy theories still grip public  11/22/03 AP 

FBI Collecting Data on Anti-War Groups -NYT  11/22/03 Reuters 

Friday  11/21/03

topNew Colombian Military Chief's 'Slap' in US' Face  11/21/03 AntiWar: "Troops commanded by Ospina were implicated in a particularly grisly massacre by paramilitary units in the province of Antioquia in 1997 in which 11 villagers were killed. The incident was never formally investigated. The general was named army commander by President Alvaro Uribe as part of a major cabinet and military reshuffle touched off earlier this month after his government fared unexpectedly poorly in regional elections."

Crimes Against Nature  11/21/03 Common Dreams: by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "George W. Bush will go down in history as America's worst environmental president. In a ferocious three-year attack, the Bush administration has initiated more than 200 major rollbacks of America's environmental laws, weakening the protection of our country's air, water, public lands and wildlife. Cloaked in meticulously crafted language designed to deceive the public, the administration intends to eliminate the nation's most important environmental laws by the end of the year."

The 9/11 Cover-up  11/21/03 LA Weekly 

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack  11/21/03 NewsMax: "He is the first high-ranking official to openly speculate that the Constitution could be scrapped in favor of a military form of government… “As I look at President Bush, I think he will ultimately be judged as a man of extremely high character. A very thoughtful man, not having been appraised properly by those who would say he’s not very smart. I find the contrary. I think he’s very, very bright. And I suspect that he’ll be judged as a man who led this country through a crease in history effectively. Probably we’ll think of him in years to come as an American hero.” "

Washington relaxes on Shiite-ruled Iraq  11/21/03 Sydney Morning Herald: a profoundly democratic position: "Our basic position is that as we get to know more of Iraqi society, we're more comfortable with a democratic process, and if that emerges with a predominant Shiite role, so be it," an official said. "There's been a steady education process here." "

Thursday  11/20/03

topLBJ aides say JFK documentary a smear  11/20/03 AP: "The program aired as part of an umbrella series titled ''The Men Who Killed Kennedy,'' a package of documentaries about various conspiracy theories regarding Kennedy's death. ''The History Channel does not say that any of these theories are correct nor does not in any way say that the theory in this program is correct,'' the channel said in a statement. ''We are, however, presenting a point of view that has been meticulously researched." " Note that this last line about being meticulously researched is not present in other versions of this AP story.


Grim forecast challenges Bush  11/20/03 New Zealand Herald: "American policymakers are studying an unprecedented and bleak assessment of the deteriorating military situation in Iraq which contradicts many claims made by the Bush Administration. The report is based on briefings by Paul Bremer, the US de facto governor of Iraq, military commanders, unnamed intelligence officers and Dr David Kay, the American who leads the hunt for Saddam's alleged weapons of mass destruction. The report, compiled by the prestigious Centre for Strategic and International Studies, is all the more devastating because of the unusual level of access given to its author, Dr Anthony Cordesman, a specialist on Iraq."

Wednesday  11/19/03

topSTATEMENT OF DR. WILLIAM F. SCHULZ EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL USA ON PROMOTION OF COLOMBIAN GENERAL OSPINA  11/19/03 Amnesty USA: "General Ospina has a long history of working closely with paramilitary forces responsible for gruesome attacks on civilians. While commander of the Fourth Brigade in 1997 and 1998, troops under his command committed a series of massacres, executions, and torture. In 1997, his troops reportedly surrounded the village of El Aro and allowed paramilitary forces to round up villagers, terrorize, threaten and kill four of them. General Ospina was never suspended and no formal investigation was ever launched, though Colombian law and military regulations require such action to be taken when human rights violations are alleged."

Kwame Ture’s “Ready for Revolution” launched  11/19/03 BWT 

Scandalous Measures - States might lose controls on corporate crooks  11/19/03 In These Times 

Assassination expert reviews Kennedy theories  11/19/03 Newport Daily News: "During his two-hour presentation, Melanson, a chancellor professor at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, poked holes into the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing Kennedy."

Prisons labeling Blacks as terrorists  11/19/03 SF Bay View: "What is now being revealed through the process of information gathering, filing appeals and the networking of family, friends and other outside groups is that the anti-terrorist, pro-patriot attitude has feverishly turned toward scapegoating Blackmen-Black prisoners by labeling Black Muslims as "terrorists," thus casting them as threats to not only the "safety and security" of the nation, but its prisons as well. As one Brotha put it: "It’s kind of like COINTELPRO all over again," referring to the FBI's Counter Intelligence Program launched against the Black movement in the 1960s."

Company to do computer recreation of Kennedy assassination  11/19/03 USA Today: this type of exercise is worthless given their reliance on the Zapruder film which has been extensively analyzed as a fraud.

Police ban masquerades in C-River as Xmas approaches  11/19/03 Vanguard, Nigeria: Abakua Bureau, Nigerian version: "AHEAD of the Christmas festivities, the police in Cross River State have banned all cultural groups whose activities during such celebrations in the past were violent. First on the list is the Agaba group as well as Nnabo and Ekpe masquerades. The police also warned that it would descend on those who sell, patronize or use fire crackers, known in local parlance as knockout or bangers before, during or after the Christmas celebrations." The Cross River Delta is where the Cuban Abakua originated.

Tuesday  11/18/03

topMedia tycoon Conrad Black resigns  11/18/03 BBC: "The announcement came as the company, Hollinger International, said it was considering putting itself up for sale. The move follows an internal inquiry which found that Lord Black and other executives had received more than $32m (19m) in unauthorised payments. The group's other assets include the Chicago Sun-Times and Jerusalem Post." The Telegraph is a right-wing, por-Iraq war, pro-Likud newspaper.

JFK, 9/11 and Conspiracy Theories  11/18/03 Buzzflash 

Report: U.S. Casualties From Iraq War Top 9,000  11/18/03 Democracy Now 

Protests begin but majority backs Bush visit as support for war surges  11/18/03 Guardian, UK 

JFK conspiracy theories just don't stand up  11/18/03 The Scotsman: "IN A factual film I have been working on for BBC2, to be screened on Sunday night - The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy - it is possible to draw for the first time on extraordinary computerised reconstructions of what happened that November day in Dallas in 1963. The basis for the reconstructions is the home movie shot by a local Dallas dressmaker, Abraham Zapruder. It shows the precise moment of the assassination, and it allows all the subsequent conspiracy theories to be considered and - in my view - utterly rejected. " This forensic animation will be successfully used by those who have proven that the Zapruder is a fraud to better make their case.

Monday  11/17/03

topTulsa Race Riot of 1921: Coming to terms with America’s terror attack on Black America  11/17/03 Black America Today 

US agrees to international control of its troops in Iraq  11/17/03 Independent, UK 

Iraq Pipeline Bombed Despite New U.S. Protection  11/17/03 Reuters: Pipelines are hard to defend.

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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Death from America

Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

Ramsey Clark: Report to UN Security Council re: Iraq, 1/26/2000
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