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    World News
11/3/03 - 11/9/03

Sunday  11/9/03

topWounded Numbers  11/9/03 AntiWar Blog: "As of today, the official wounded count stands at 2230. As usual though, gov't numbers are untrustworthy. From the Stars and Stripes: “It is unmistakable that Iraq is still a war zone,” Miller [R- NC visiting Landstuhl in Gernmany] said. He said there is an average of 35 attacks a day against soldiers and 95 percent of those soldiers survive their injuries, he said. . . . The delegation made a stop at the military hospital in Landstuhl, which has treated more than 7,000 injured and ill servicemembers from the Iraq war. The congressmen met with several injured soldiers, one whose arm had been amputated by a rocket-propelled grenade, and another who was injured by a homemade bomb. It is unclear how many of the 7,000 are soldiers with illness unrelated to combat. Nonetheless, this number is significantly higher than anything reported elsewhere. The fact that these numbers involve only soldiers flown to Germany indicates that injuries are far from minor. Finally, the Stars and Stripes again suggests that the official wounded number is dramatically deflated. An increased flow of wounded into Germany has created the need for a new staging area to care from them all: The decision to build a new structure comes as the steady flow of patients from Iraq continues, with Landstuhl Regional Medical Center receiving an average of 44 patients a day."

Scorecard #3: a brief look at Coalition Progress in Iraq  11/9/03 Defense and the National Interest: "But describing insurgents as bandits goes back to the Chinese revolution, and probably beyond. Perhaps natural bravado, but lack of respect for one’s opponents is a bad sign. Especially given their progress in achieving objectives and their growing tactic skills."

Iraqi Insurgents Take a Page From the Afghan 'Freedom Fighters'  11/9/03 NYT: "My own experience in war has largely been on the side of insurgents. I served as the Central Intelligence Agency's quartermaster and political agent to the Afghan resistance against the Soviet occupation from 1986 until the Soviets left in 1989."

Americans sow seeds of hatred  11/9/03 Observer, UK: "Last week an American Chinook helicopter was shot down by a heat-seeking missile a few kilometres from Sarab's house, killing 16 soldiers. It could have been worse, the neighbours say. Resistance fighters were ready to fire another missile at a second Chinook when they were stopped by worried locals." In Viet Nam too, the VC would purposefuly miss so as not to overly arouse the genocidal, battle-crazed Americans.

Congressional delegation stops to visit patients at Landstuhl  11/9/03 Stars & Stripes: "The delegation made a stop at the military hospital in Landstuhl, which has treated more than 7,000 injured and ill servicemembers from the Iraq war." A bit higher than the 2200 admitted to so far!

Saturday  11/8/03

topA State Department (search) employee was found dead outside the agency headquarters in Washington, D.C., Friday around 5 p.m., Fox News has confirmed  11/8/03 Fox: "State Department sources told The Washington Post that John Kokal (search) worked in a unit that dealt with intelligence and research. Sources said he handled classified documents regularly but was not involved in intelligence analysis. Police said the official cause and manner of death is to be determined by the D.C. medical examiner, the Post reported. Fox News has confirmed that Kokal, 58, did work for the State Department Intelligence and Research Bureau (search), but has not yet confirmed that the body is that of Kokal. Fire Department Spokesman Alan Etter said the man, a white male, was wearing a dress shirt, tie and slacks, but was not wearing shoes nor a suit jacket. He was found lying in the bottom of a concrete window well near 23rd and D streets, about eight stories below the top of the building. The well drops about 20 feet from ground level."

Collective Punishment for Downing Black Hawk?  11/8/03 Press Action: The 22nd Infantry was formed in 1861 and has a long lineage which includes Little Big Horn, Pine Ridge and Viet Nam.

Friday  11/7/03

topU.S. Warned on Alienating Central Europe  11/7/03 AP: "In an editorial in The Washington Post, Radek Sikorski, former deputy minister for defense and foreign affairs, said dissatisfaction is welling in Central European nations over a variety of issues, such as obtaining U.S. visas, modernizing their militaries, and getting a fairer share of reconstruction work in Iraq."

FBI to Website Owner - "We Are Watching You"  11/7/03 Counterpunch: "Cryptome is a web site dedicated to investigating and publishing accounts of government improprieties, particularly as they relate to secrecy and First Amendment violations. On November 4, FBI agents visited the website's New York City office and met with site owner John Young."

U.S. Retaliates After Black Hawk Crash  11/7/03 Fox: doing their best to encourage the Iraqui Resistance…

Wanda Dee: The Goddess Is Here And What A G.E.R.L She Is  11/7/03 GBN: "Both my husband and I are spiritual people and devout non-traditionalist. No disrespect intended towards anyone else's religion, but personally we feel that the institution of religion is man made," explained Dee. "All of the oldest civilizations and/or religions gave praise to a loving, generous, nurturing and peaceful Female Deity…the Creatress…the Great Ancestress…the Universal Mother…the Goddess. Family lineage used to be passed from mother to daughter. Husbands took their wives last name in ancient times when women were heralded, exalted and recognized as the healers of our lands, holders of our hearts and protectors of the peace. Remember, long before HIStory, there was: HERitage, HEReditary, inHERitance and HERstory. There were no wars when women ruled our planet in natural synergy with Mother Earth."

Richard Perle dénonce le couple franco-allemand  11/7/03 Reseau Voltaire: US military move in the offing? "Dans les états-majors européens, on considère que Richard Perle est venu à Berlin tenter de rompre le couple franco-allemand et d'obtenir un soutien du chancelier Schröder nécessaire à une prochaine initiative militaire."

Free Sundiata Acoli - Sundiata needs you to send a letter to the parole board now!  11/7/03 SF Bay View: "Nancy Jacot-Bell, wife of U.S. political prisoner Herman Bell, sent the Bay View this urgent message: We’ve just learned that Sundiata Acoli's parole board appearance has been moved forward. He will go before the board 30-60 days from now, or no later than Jan. 2, 2004. His support group MUST have letters of support no later than Nov. 15! " Actually, one of Sundiata's attorneys tells us letters can be sent until December 15, 2003.

Campus antiwar activists meet in Chicago  11/7/03 Socialist Worker Online: "The Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) held its second national conference last weekend at the University of Illinois at Chicago. CAN, a grassroots network of student antiwar coalitions, brought together more than 100 students from 31 campuses across the country to debate and discuss the key issues facing the movement."

Thursday  11/6/03

topAgainst the common enemy  11/6/03 Al Ahram: "As resistance to the American occupation of Iraq escalates, Karim El-Gawhary, in Baghdad, discovers that the boundaries between political factions are blurring."

Poll Has Dean Leading Kerry by 14 Points  11/6/03 AP 

Court TV's The JFK Assassination: Investigation Reopened, Examines Alleged Audio Evidence of Second Shooter  11/6/03 BusinessWire 

As Occupation Worsens, White House Tries to Blame CIA For Rejecting Iraqi Offer on Eve of War  11/6/03 Democracy Now 

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Why is Amnesty Not Screening a New Documentary About the Failed 2002 Coup in Venezuela?  11/6/03 Democracy Now 

Serve Your Community and the Nation - Become a Selective Service System Local Board Member  11/6/03 DOD 

Law slaps 13 cops  11/6/03 Jamaica Gleaner: news from one of the more corrupt police forces around…

A new underground railroad Some soldiers would rather desert than return to Iraq  11/6/03 Nuvo, IN 

Spotlight on war in the shadows  11/6/03 The Herald 

Wednesday  11/5/03

topLatino culture sweeps across US  11/5/03 BBC 

Expose on Howard Dean  11/5/03 Dissident Voice 

US crackdown on bioterror is backfiring  11/5/03 New Scientist: "New Scientist has contacted more than 20 prominent figures in the US working in bioterror-related fields. Some refused to talk, and most who did did not want to be named. Their comments paint a disturbing picture. Some scientists, for instance, are refusing to work on projects involving agents that could be exploited as bioweapons, even though the US government is providing massive funding to boost such research. Others are considering abandoning existing work. Irreplaceable collections of microbes essential for managing and tracing outbreaks, bioterrorist or natural, are being destroyed simply because labs cannot comply with the new rules."

Historian Still Fascinated by "Unsolved Mystery" of Kennedy Assassination  11/5/03 Newswise: “Cuba and organized crime certainly are two of the biggest suspects,” Kurtz said. “It's also quite possible that certain individuals connected with the CIA, Secret Service, and FBI could have participated in a conspiracy to kill Kennedy as well. There were certain individuals who participated in many things, such as the CIA-Mafia assassination plots against Castro. These people wanted desperately to cover up their actions and in so doing helped to cover up what was going on with the assassination.”

Peltier loses appeal - Federal judges reject parole hearing for Indian activist  11/5/03 Rocky Mountain News: "Much of the government's behavior at the Pine Ridge Reservation and in prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned," the judges wrote in a 13-page ruling. "The government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed." But the judges said their only role in the case was to decide whether parole officials' interpretation of evidence was rational. They concluded it was."

Will U.S. bring back the draft?  11/5/03 Toronto Start 

Tuesday  11/4/03

topFour decades later, Nellie Connally recalls JFK slaying  11/4/03 AAP 

FBI Visits Cryptome  11/4/03 Cryptome 

Putin Gives Army Chief Kvashnin Charge of Intelligence  11/4/03 Debka, Israel 

Indicators - Iraqi guerrillas are attacking tanks  11/4/03 Defense and the National Interest 

Taliban Use American Uniforms In New War Tactic  11/4/03 Jihad Unspun: "In the outskirts of the capital city of Kabul, twelve Coalition soldiers have been killed due to an effective new war tactic being employed with the Taliban. The Taliban are wore American and coalition uniforms in this attack, which allowed them to get deep inside the coalition close camp. Some Taliban were martyred in the attack however the number is unknown at this time. After the attack, the Afghans soldiers expressed concern over this new tactic."

Monday  11/3/03

topLeaflets Warned of "modern" Attacks Before Iraqi Insurgents Downed a U.S. Helicopter, Killing 16  11/3/03 AP 

GOP Dirty Tricks: Philadelphia's Buggy Election  11/3/03 Counterpunch 

Saddam`s “Muhammad’s Army” Behind Chinook Disaster  11/3/03 Debka, Israel: "Particularly instructive is the confusion surrounding the episode. Some sources reported that the chopper was hit on its way to land at Baghdad international airport carrying inbound US troops returning from a rest and recreation trip outside Iraq; others contended the helicopter had just taken off and was outbound from Baghdad. Military experts were quick to ask how the two-helicopter formation came to be flying so close to Falluja, knowing it to be a dangerous guerrilla stronghold. Piecing these contradictions together with its exclusive data, DEBKAfile’s military sources maintain that the Chinooks were in fact carrying up to 70 US fighting men on a secret anti-insurgency mission in the Sunni Triangle. The Iraqis got wind of their flight route and prepared an anti-air missile ambush. The bomb attack on a US civilian convoy in the center of Falluja, in which another two Americans were killed, was part of the same ambuscade. Saddam loyalist forces expected the American raid to come either as an air drop or a ground assault - or a combination of the two."

Sharon in Moscow to Line up with Bush-Putin Global Strategy  11/3/03 Debka, Israel: "Bush and Putin agreed to co-opt the Israeli prime minister to their project, which will undoubtedly yield personal, political, intelligence and economic changes over the years ahead. The two leaders are aware they face some rough passages, but are determined to forge ahead toward their uniquely ambitious objective which is, in a nutshell, the establishment of a shared American-Russian world hegemony based on the twin foundations of US economic and military strength and Russian oil wealth… This colossal project entails the building of a major new pipeline to ship West Siberian crude through a deepwater terminal near Murmansk inside the Arctic Circle from Russia to North America. The pipeline would not only reduce American dependency on Middle East oil, but bring a major oil source significantly closer to the American market than the Persian Gulf. Murmansk has two major advantages. It is a deepwater port, capable of handling the largest supertankers and, despite its location north of the Arctic Circle, isable to operate around the year. Construction is projected to begin in 2004 with the pipeline being ready for operation in 2007. Preliminary estimates put the total cost at between $3.4 bn and $4.5 bn, depending on the route finally chosen. According to the US-Russian program discussed at the St. Petersburg summit, some 13 percent of US oil imports will come from Russia by the year 2010, reducing the OPEC input from 51 percent of US consumption to 40-42 percent in 2010." This will be one of the first casualties of the impending problems with the Gulf Stream, which keeps Murmansk open year around.

Rapid rise of the economy of terror  11/3/03 Guardian 

Franklin notes: JFK assassination theory  11/3/03 Milford News, MA: "Breaking news has stated that modern technology (computer enhancement and the like) supports the premise that Lee Harvey Oswald did it. This view supports Kreshpane's 30 years of research on the assassination. Marking the 40th anniversary of JFK, "an enormously gifted and conflicted man who led a nation through remarkable times," the presentation is designed to enhance understanding of the historical events concerning Kennedy's assassination. As an educational institution, Dean offers the program to the community in conjunction with the History Channel's week-long tribute to JFK, Nov. 14 to 22."

The wounded who never die  11/3/03 SF Chronicle: "But, judging from press reports, none of these wounded ever dies. Maybe I don't know where to look, but I haven't been able to find one single report of a soldier who died later of his or her injuries. Not one. Isn't that curious? If you go to the Department of Defense news Web site, you can find the names of newly killed GIs: 46 reported in the month of October. A few of those casualties died before October. No explanation is given for the delay in reporting. I was unable to find any listings that said someone died recently from injuries or wounds suffered some time ago."

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

Ramsey Clark: Report to UN Security Council re: Iraq, 1/26/2000
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