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Al Qaeda:  Nuclear Peril, 9/16 El Mundo, Boston Globe

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Usama ben Laden and Al Qaeda Links 
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World News

Sun 9/16/01


Falwell, Robinson and Now the Fundamentalist Minister of Houston's Largest Church Blame Amerca's "Faithlessness" for theTerrorist Attack. May God Forgive Them for Their Blasphemy Against America. 9/16

Experts say U.S. unprepared for germ warfare
, 9/16

Germany, Norway refuse to join in NATO military action...,

Concern Rises About Potential Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Attacks 9/16

Italian defence minister: troops would not take part in any US retaliation; use of the term 'war' inappropriate..., 9/16

Afghan-Americans gather at Red Cross fund-raiser, ask public not to punish them for terrorist attacks
, 9/16, Nando Times

Satellites Tracking Bin Laden: Now Hiding In Kandahar..., 9/16
World, publication from spookland: East West Services, 6408 Carolyn Drive, Falls Church, VA 22044

Sikh shot dead in Arizona, 9/16/01, Times of India.
Thousands receive death threats.

Sikh leaders angry and stunned over attacks
, 9/16, Times of India

Saudi family accuses agents of abuse in case of mistaken identity
, 9/16 Boston Globe: Police kick one woman in the head, give another a 6" scratch. Did the US ever do this to the Russians?

Sat 9/15/01top

Ann Coulter Calls Christian Soldiers to Arms 9/15

Israel launches wave of attacks after Arafat-Peres talks cancelled..., 9/15, AP

Sabotage the U.S. War Effort - by black widow, 9/15

Fri 9/14/01

Ben Laden, Narcoterrorism, the CIA, and the House of Saud, 9/14 extracted from Le Monde.

Racism: when will we face the facts?, 9/14, Middle East Times

Beware of Backlash, Mother Jones, 9/14

Time to use the nuclear option, 9/14 Washington Times

Are we Going to Lose our Nation?, 9/14, Middle East News Online
By Sherri Muzher for Middle East News Online

Why? An attempt to explain the unexplainable By Rahul Bedi, Jane’s correspondent in New Delhi, 9/14/01
History of Al Qaeda from Jane's, the British defence publication. 

An Afghan-American speaks, 9/14
You can't bomb us back into the Stone Age. We're already there. But you can start a new world war, and that's exactly what Osama bin Laden wants.

Israeli defense minister gloats over world silence at Palestinian deaths
, 9/14

CNN USING 1991 FOOTAGE of celebrating Palestinians to manipulate you?, 9/14 

Thu 9/13/01

New York Post, 9/13: "This is war. It needs to be prosecuted as such. The men behind the men who rained havoc on New York and Washington need to be called to account. The heavens need to fall on their heads. They need to bleed. Not next month. Not next week. Now. Who are they? Who cares? Cast a wide enough net, and you’ll catch the fish that need catching."top

"Osama bin Laden: How the U.S. Helped to Midwife a Terrorist" by Ahmed Rashid, The Public I, 9/13

Crowd protests at Illinois Mosque, 9/13 Salon

Wed 9/12/01

Striking Back: Harsh New Tactics? 9/12/01

Internation Herald Tribune on the new realities

- Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon, flew off course around Washington for 45 minutes. Why was nothing done?

The BCCI Affair
A Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate, 1992

World News

CNN USING 1991 FOOTAGE of celebrating Palestinians to manipulate you?, 9/14 -- denial issued by CNN, 9/21

CNN USING 1991 FOOTAGE of celebrating Palestinians to manipulate you 

one set of images called my attencion: the Palestinians celebrating the bombing, out on the streets, eating some cake and making funny faces for the camera.

Well, THOSE IMAGES WERE SHOT BACK IN 1991!!! Those are images of Palestinians celebrating the invasion of Kuwait!

CNN USING 1991 FOOTAGE of celebrating Palistinians to manipulate you (english) by Marcio 10:32pm Wed Sep 12 '01 (Modified on 1:27am Thu Sep 13'01)

I'd like to add some ideas from here, down south.

There's an important point in the power of press, specifically the power of CNN.

All around the world we are subjected to 3 or 4 huge news distributors, and one of them - as you well know - is CNN. Very well, I guess all of you have been seeing (just as I've been) images from this company. In particular, one set of images called my attencion: the Palestinians celebrating the bombing, out on the streets, eating some cake and making funny faces for the camera.

Well, THOSE IMAGES WERE SHOT BACK IN 1991!!! Those are images of Palestinians celebrating the invasion of Kuwait! It's simply unacceptable that a super-power of cumminications as CNN uses images which do not correspond to the reality in talking about so serious an issue.

A teacher of mine, here in Brazil, has videotapes recorded in 1991, with the very same images; he's been sending emails to CNN, Globo (the major TV network in Brazil) and newspapers, denouncing what I myself classify as a crime against the public opinion. If anyone of you has access to this kind of files, serch for it. In the meanwhile, I'll try to 'put my hands' on a copy of this tape.

But now, think for a moment about the impact of such images. Your people is hurt, emotionally fragile, and this kind broadcast have very high possibility of causing waves of anger and rage against Palestinians. It's simply irresponsible to show images such as those.

Finally, I'd like to say that we all regret and condemn all that has happened in the last days; but Nikos has a point here. I really don't want to be misunderstood here, but the truth is that US government had shown no respect for other countries in the last decades. In the 60s and 70s they had halped lots of military coups throughout the world (including Brazil in 64). Later, with Reagan and Bush Father, the Washington Consensus have been demolishing the bases of our economies, making us more and more dependant (and, many of us, prehocupied with this situation).

Your current president quickly made things worse: Kioto Protocol, Star Wars, Colombia Plan, the exchange of rain forest for pieces of external debt, the abandonment of the position of third party in negotiations between IRA and England, and between Palestinians and Israel. All those mistakes in US external politics made your country more hatred than before, and, of course, more vulnerable.

any confirmation? by gwh 12:34pm Thu Sep 13 '01

anyone have any sort of confirmation of the date of the palestinian footage? I know that that footage carried a large impact on those around me. A very serious charge against CNN. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
Unless CNN can change what time sunset is.... 

sunset in israel was at 6:50pm on the 11th. israel is 7 hours ahead of EST.

if the video was taken around 11pm our time (which seems to be just about the right time). that would make it 6 pm their time

and thus... sunset....

NOT around 3pm as some of the videos show.

So, either CNN knows how to defy Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion.....

Or they reused at least *some* old footage.

CNN statement about false claim it used old video

Brazilian university statement says no fact to original claim

September 20, 2001 Posted: 4:02 PM EDT (2002 GMT)

(CNN asks that you copy and e-mail this statement to whomever asks

about it.)

There is absolutely no truth to the information that is now distributed on the Internet that CNN used 10-year-old video when showing the celebrating of some Palestinians in East Jerusalem after the terror attacks in the U.S. The video was shot that day by a Reuters camera crew. CNN is a client of Reuters and like other clients, received the video and broadcast it. Reuters officials have publicly made the facts clear as well.


Reuters statement on false claim it used old video

The allegation is false. The source of the allegation has withdrawn it and apologized. It was started by a Brazilian student who now says he immediately posted a correction once he knew the information was not true. This is the statement by his university -- UNICAMP -- Universidad Estatal de Campinas-Brasil.

Again, please read this -- and copy it -- and send it to anyone you know who may have the false information. Thank you.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT by Universidad de Campinas-Brasil 17/09/01

UNICAMP (Universidad Estatal de Campinas-Brasil) would like to announce that it has no knowledge of a videotape from 1991, whose images supposedly aired on CNN showing Palestinians celebrating the terrorist attacks in the U.S. The tape was supposedly from 1991, and there were rumors that the images were passed off as current.

This information was later denied, as soon as it proved false, by Márcio A. V. Carvalho, a student at UNICAMP. He approached the administration today, 17.09.2001, to clarify the following:

-- the information he got, verbally, was that a professor from another institution (not from UNICAMP) had the tape;

-- he sent the information to a discussion group e-mail list;

-- many people from this list were interested in the subject and requested more details;

-- he again contacted the person who first gave him the information and the person denied having the tape;

-- the student immediately sent out a note clarifying what happened to the people from his e-mail list.

The original message, however, was distributed all over the world, often with many distortions, including a falsified by-line article from the student. He affirms that a hacker attacked his domain. Several E-mails have been sent on his behalf and those dating from 15.09.2001 should be ignored.

Among the distortions is the fact that UNICAMP would be analyzing the tape, which is absolutely false. The administration considers this alert definitive and will be careful to avoid new rumors.

Countries the US has bombed since WWIItop

China 1945-46
Korea 1950-53
China 1950-53
Guatemala 1954
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959-60
Guatemala 1960
Congo 1964
Peru 1965
Laos 1964-73
Vietnam 1961-73
Cambodia 1969-70
Guatemala 1967-69
Grenada 1983
Philadelphia 1985
Libya 1986
El Salvador 1980s
Nicaragua 1980s
Panama 1989
Iraq 1991-99
Sudan 1998
Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia 1999

Protective gear - biohazard suits, etc

Industrial Health Services Network

Maps & Weather

A number of maps here

Estimates of the total number of Muslims range from 0.7 to 1.2 billion worldwide and 3 to 6 million in the U.S. About 20% of all people on earth follow Islam. The religion is in a period of rapid growth.

Christianity is currently the largest religion in the world. It is followed by about 33% of all people -- a percentage that has remaind stable for decades. It is expected that, if current trends continue, Islam will become the most popular religion sometime in the mid-21st century.


Death from America

Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

Ramsey Clark: Report to UN Security Council re: Iraq, 1/26/2000
1.5 million deaths



Sunday Telegraph, 16 September 2001 Bush finalises battle plan

AMERICA was last night assembling the biggest military strike force since the Gulf War as President Bush issued an ultimatum to Pakistan to back allied action or run the risk of being bombed.

George W Bush: planning a sustained offensive In his bluntest terms yet, Mr Bush made clear that the United States was about to launch a sustained offensive against Osama bin Laden and his terror camps in Afghanistan.

The Saudi Islamic fundamentalist was named for the first time by the President as the prime suspect in the suicide hijack attacks on New York and Washington that left almost 5,000 missing.

American officials have made clear that they expect Pakistan, which is the nearest point for allied forces to attack bin Laden's base in neighbouring Afghanistan, to co-operate fully in the allied operation.

In an uncompromising list of demands made to Pakistan's military leaders, US officials called for Islamabad to close training camps used by Islamic militants. The US demanded that Pakistan shares all its intelligence on bin Laden and the Taliban, an organisation which it created in 1994 and is still funding. Pakistan should also make available airspace to US warplanes and take action to cut off funding to any group allied to bin Laden, and to close its border with Afghanistan.

If Pakistan failed to comply, US officials warned that the country ran the risk of being bombed in any future military action taken against Islamic terrorists. "We have been left with no doubt," said a senior Pakistan official. "We can no longer be a friend of bin Laden and the US. And if we don't opt for Washington then they will not only cut off economic funding, including that from the International Monetary Fund, but also see us as a potential target."top

As Pakistani officials considered the demands US forces started flying reinforcements to bases around the Middle East. Twelve B2 stealth bombers were on standby to fly to the British Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia.

SAS troops are preparing to join US special forces for operations in Afghanistan. British security service officials believe that initial missile strikes will take place "within days", although the full operation will take longer to mount.

As Washington attempts to forge a broad alliance, Pakistan was warned that Islamic militant training camps on its territory would be targeted if it refuses to support strikes against bin Laden. Although President Pervez Musharraf promised full co-operation, his own powerful military intelligence is firmly opposed to Pakistani involvement.

America urged Russia to allow it to use Tajikistan, the former Soviet republic that borders Afghanistan and is still dominated by Moscow, as a platform for troops to move against their mutual enemy. The Taliban told all foreigners to leave the country in view of a possible attack and threatened war against any of its neighbours that offers assistance to Washington. Mr Bush prepared Americans for conflict as he repeated "we're at war" in a radio address.

He said: "There's no question about it, this action will not stand. We're going to find those who did it, we're going to smoke them out of their holes, we will get them running and we will bring them to justice." Before meeting security advisers at Camp David, he added: "If he [bin Laden] thinks he can hide and run from the US and our allies, he will be sorely mistaken."

Congress approved late on Friday a resolution allowing the President to strike both individuals and nations which he determines "planned, authorised, committed or aided the terrorist attacks".

American intelligence officials have intensified monitoring of suspected terrorist groups amid fears that further "sleeper" cells will launch fresh attacks in response to US military retaliation.

US military commanders plan a three-stage assault against training camps used by bin Laden, beginning with air strikes by cruise missiles, followed by carpet bombing and attacks by ground troops. Six training camps and rebel bases used by bin Laden's supporters in Afghanistan are understood to have been identified as targets. "We are going to go in hard and we are going to get it right," one Pentagon official told The Telegraph.

John Gannon, a former CIA intelligence chief, warned that bin Laden supporters have been trying to develop nuclear and biological weapons for future attacks. Other reports say they are already in the process of making chemical weapons.

The Pentagon is also preparing to strike against Iraq after it emerged that Saddam Hussein has been providing bin Laden's terrorist network with funding, logistical back-up and advanced weapons training. Over the past four months senior Iraqi intelligence officers have met representatives from al-Qaeda, bin Laden's international network, in Pakistan. They are believed to have transferred at least £2.7 million to his agents via diplomatic bags in cash or Lebanese bank accounts over the past year.

Pakistan's President Musharraf said yesterday that his country will co-operate with US demands. However, a meeting in Rawalpindi yesterday of corps commanders and intelligence chiefs was deeply divided as his own powerful military intelligence backed a new jihad (holy war) against the West.

Not only does Pakistan have plenty of Islamic militants of its own fighting in Afghanistan but there are millions of armed Afghans in Pakistan and millions of Pakistanis who see bin Laden as a hero. Moreover in the country's highly Islamicised armed forces many generals share the same strict vision of Islam.

Meanwhile, America's European allies, led by France, were backing away from offers of full military support after Nato's show of solidarity. "We know that we can only rely on Britain, not France and Germany" said a US official.


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