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 Congresswoman McKinney under attack: please help

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a Georgia African American Democrat, has been the most outspoken person in Congress against the war on terrorism, attacks on our civil rights, the corporate robbery of the government and the plight of the Palestinians. For speaking out consistently the Democratic Party, the Atlanta Constitution, other media, and the Israel lobby have begun a campaign of lies against her and will raise vast sums to defeat her. This is no idle threat since these same forces succeeded in eliminating long time African American Congressman Hilliard by contributing almost a million dollars to his opponent in a recent primary contest. If these forces succeed every Democrat in Congress will be cowed into even more abject silence and we will be lucky to hear a whisper of dissent in Washington.

Therefore, I think it is of the greatest importance that people receiving this message seriously consider passing this info on to their e-mail lists and friends with a mind toward balancing the money scales so that McKinney can answer the distortions that are already out there all over the U.S. and in her district. I hope that people will give more than token support to this "life and death" campaign for a dissident voice.

Contributions should be sent to McKinney for Congress, Box 371125, Decatur, GA 30037. The phone is 404-243-5574. Contributions of $200 or more require a name and address and the name and address of the employer of the contributor (by law). To read McKinney's views and positions go to her web site at

Marc Sapir




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