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Al Qaeda and the Far Right

The Far Right and Bio-terrorism

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The Far Right and Islamic Fundamentalists
by Joseph Dietrich 11/18/01

There have been a number of reports in the world press on the links between Al Qaeda and far right groups such as neo-nazis and skinheads in Europe. Solid reports of such a linkage have yet to emerge in the US, but may still come given the intensely internationalist nature of the far right.  The topic of far right alliances with Islamic fundamentalists is a complex one and naturally plays into the hands of various interest groups by providing propaganda fodder.

US and European Far Right groups, particularly the Nazi organizations, had a celebratory reaction to 9-11. In recent years, these groups have been seeking alliances with Islamic fundamentalists against their traditional enemies,  Israel and the US. This trend actually goes back to World War II, when German Nazis sought alliances with various Middle Eastern countries, such as Reza Shah Pahlavi's Iran, Vichy Syria, Rashid Ali's Iraq, King Farouk's Egypt, the Mufti of Jerusalem's Palestine, and Zahir Shah's Afghanistan. Some 'experts' even speculated that this type of alliance was behind the US anthrax attacks of October and November 2001. There are reports that, if true, support the existence of such an alliance, including this one from a major Italian daily:

 "A recent report in the Milan-based newspaper, Corriere della Serra, suggests the alliances may be heading to a new level. It cites German intelligence services, which claim Osama Bin Ladin has begun financing far-right groups throughout Europe to help him carry out attacks during a G-8 summit meeting that will be held in Genoa this summer." in Holocaust denial finds new home, 2/22/01, Canadian Jewish News

This report, which stems from the arrest in April 2001 of al Qaeda militants in Milano and Franfurt, is echoed on the Free Republic site, with some eerie additional details:

"Italian officials say they've been warned by German intelligence services that bin Laden is secretly financing neo-Nazi skinhead groups throughout Europe to commit acts of violence during the summit, sources told The Post. The attack could also come from the sky in the form of a bizarre James Bond-style strike by remote-control airplanes packed with plastic explosives, Germany's largest newspaper reported yesterday. The planes would fly into the compound where Bush and the heads of state of major European powers will be meeting at the July 20 G-8 summit in Genoa, Italy, the Bild newspaper reported." BIN LADEN PLOTS BUSH HIT, 6/13/01, New York Posttop

Some antiwar activities in certain countries, such as Germany, have been supported by neoNazi groups. This stems from the ultra-cynical nazi approach to politics, as in WWII when they complained about Soviet NKVD killings in the Ukraine or the depradations of the French and the British in their colonies.

In the US, there have been a number of official pronouncements linking far right groups to the Anthrax attacks, mostly without suggesting any actual linkage between such groups and Al Qaeda. US far right groups have taken on a new dimension in recent years thanks to the dramatic growth in the prison population and the rampant racial warfare encouraged by prison authorities in what they think is a clever divide and conquer strategy. New inmates are forced to join such groups or suffer the consequences of being without protection. Once you join, it is difficult to leave, even after you are out of jail. The impetus to the far right from millions thrown in jail by dubious drug laws  is incalculable: as you sow, so you shall reap.

US far right groups have met with Islamic fundamentalists, especially in the Holocaust deniers' conferences, which have helped popularize far right ideology in the Arab world, where the hatred of Israel tends to move people beyond the bounds of reason, under serious provocation to be sure.

One has to wonder to what extent senior US intelligence and military circles, not to mention certain industrial ones, have been penetrated by Nazi elements from the US, South America, Canada, the Middle East, and elsewhere, and how that may be used against them in the current war. After all, who can forget that it was the same CIA that, after developing under Allen Dulles and working with so many "ex" Nazis in the post World War II era,  funded and developed the mujahedeen and later supported the Taliban through Pakistan. Dulles himself had a long prewar record of representing US firms doing business in Nazi Germany. One of his main clients was Standard Oil of New Jersey, whose largest stockholder outside the Rockerfeller interests was IG Farben, the pro-Nazi German chemical combine. Then there's the postwar CIA relationship with the Gehlen organization, the key Nazi eastern front espionage group brought over as a unit into the postwar German government where it evolved into the BND, the German equivalent of the CIA. So many relationships...which sometimes are handed down across generations as key infiltrators in police, prison, intelligence and other groups recruit their own kind.


Al Qaeda and the Far Right

Following the money 11/19/01 US News & World Report: "Huber said in an interview that by targeting Al Taqwa and Al Barakaat, Washington is doing the bidding of "Jew Zionists" who now "rule America." A 74-year-old Holocaust denier and convert to Islam, Huber says Swiss authorities searched his house near Bern and questioned him last week. He told U.S. News that he was introduced to bin Laden activists during Islamic conferences in London, Beirut, and Brussels, the last time in either 1997 or 1998."

Al Qaeda Reaching Out To Non-Islamic Militant Groups  11/16/01, Pacific News Service: Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda organization has already been linked to violent Islamic groups worldwide. But troubling reports from Europe link the terrorist group to a host of non-Islamic, anti-American organizations, including the continent's neo-Nazis.

ATTACK ON AFGHANISTAN ECONOMY & INVESTIGATION: Far-right has ties with Islamic extreme AL-QAEDA LINKS 11/9/01, Financial Times, UK: Mr Huber, who is based in Bern, is known in Switzerland and Germany as an Islamic fundamentalist who attempts to forge links to far-right and neo-Nazi movements. A spokesman for Germany's office for the protection of the constitution, the internal intelligence agency, said yesterday that Mr Huber "sees himself as a mediator between Islam and right-wing groups". He also belongs to the revisionist movement, which believes the Holocaust did not take place, the spokesman said. Klaus Beier, spokesman for the NPD, one of Germany's main far-right political parties, said Mr Huber has often addressed NPD events...  After September 11 several far-right leaders and associations in Germany welcomed publicly the terrorist attacks... Intelligence experts say the Islamic and far-right movements often share a common hatred of the US and of Jews.

Neo-Nazis and 9/11 10/29/01, Counterpunch: details the National Alliance's William Pierce's prophecies and ravings on 9-11. Remarkably prescient.

Al Qaeda arrests in Milan, Franfurt, April 2001
This lead to information on links between Al Qaeda and European far right groups

Worldwide arrests 8/7/01 Afghan Press Agency: many details on the network, but none on the far right.

BIN LADEN PLOTS BUSH HIT 6/13/01 New York Post: details some far right links

Strikes target Bin Laden networks in Europe 4/11/01 Jane's, UK: reviews the arrest of islamic militants in Milano and Franfurt, with some organizational details, but without mentioning the links to the far right.

The Far Right and Islamic Fundamentalists

The far-right fallout 11/30 McLean's, Canada

Far-Right Recruiting Drive 11/26 Mother Jones

The Far Right and Bio-terrorismtop

Abortion Clinics Hit by Second Mail Scare 11/10/01 Reuters: The Army of God

High Priority To Anti-Abortion Anthrax Mail 11/9/01 Women's eNews: interesting details here, including: - "Since Oct. 15, almost 500 anthrax threats have now been mailed to abortion rights organizations and clinics nationwide. Before that, abortion clinics had received about 80 mailed anthrax threats since 1998."

While agents continue to look abroad, they are also probing US extremist groups. 11/5/01 Christian Science Monitor: "Some even suggest that domestic extremists could be working with an international terror organization. An Al Qaeda-Aryan Nations coalition, for example, may sound unlikely, but it's not impossible, say experts, given some of their shared beliefs."

Abortion Clinics Hit by Second Mail Scare 11/10/01 Reuters: The Army of God

Anthrax attacks' 'work of neo-Nazis'
10/28 The Guardian, UK: "Neo-Nazi extremists within the US are behind the deadly wave of anthrax attacks against America, according to latest briefings from the security services and Justice Department."

The Far Right: reacting to 9-11

ADL Says U.S. -Based Anti-Semites Are Feeding Sept. 11 Rumor Mill 11/9/01 Newswire

Germans fear neo-Nazi link with Islamists 10/7/01 The Guardian, UK: "Neo-Nazi groups applauded the 11 September suicide attacks on the United States, and thanked the terrorists for 'knocking out' the 'common enemy': Americans and global capitalism. A message on the website of Horst Mahler, the former extreme-left Red Army Faction guerrilla who recently emerged as the leading ideologue of extreme-right academics, congratulated the terrorists and expressed solidarity with Islamic militants."

, 10/3 New York Post

The far-right fallout  11/30/01 McLean's, Canada: "The planes that toppled the World Trade Center have helped Andrews and other self-described "racial nationalists" to advance their anti-immigrant domestic agenda. The fact that Canadian troops are serving in the war on terror in Afghanistan helps even more, he maintains. "We can bask in glory because once they lose some men over there, they'll have to come back and close the borders and look at what kind of society they want to build," says Andrews, who immigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia in 1952. "Overall, for the country's culture and preservation of the European heritage, it is a good thing."

AntiNazi sites

Anti Nazi League (UK) - Anti Defamation League
  Anti-Semitism-USA - ADL
  National Alliance - ADL
  Explosion of Hate: The Growing Danger of the National Alliance - ADL

Nazis Among Us

Nazi Echo - Consortium News, current global ramification of Nazis

Nazism Exposed

Pagans against Nazis

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) with its SPLC Intelligence Project and White Pride World Wide page on the international white power music industry: "You kill all the niggers and you gas all the Jews," George Burdi sang with his band Rahowa, short for Racial Holy War. "Kill a gypsy and a commie too. You just killed a kike, don’t it feel right? Goodness gracious, Third Reich."

The Ties That Bind (SPLC): on far right international networks: "pan-Aryanism"

Texas Gang Investigators Association (TGIA)
  White Supremacy TGIA, good listing of far right sites

Youth Leadership Support Network's antinazi page


The Far Right and US Prisons

Nazi Low Riders: A Prison Gang Emerges in California ADL

Nazi Low Riders: Law and Order Magazine

Nazi and Far Right sites

American Nationalist

National Alliance - the main US NeoNazi group's web site
To the Government of Israel: 18 Demands
- National Alliance - echoes demands of Palestinians, shows how the nazi National Alliance, mentioned in the Counterpunch article, Neo-Nazis and 9/11, is aligning themselves on Middle Eastern issues.

Army of God - claim attacks on abortion and family planning clinics

Jew Watch

La Falange Española

le Front National (France)

List of Nazi sites - Nazism Exposed

The Heretical Press - UK Nazis

Vanguard News Network

Nazis, Jews, and Moslem in the Middle East

Persian Outpost: Iran History 

The Farhud, the Mufti inspired Krystallnacht in Iraq, 1941 (Greater Israel)

THE ARAB/MUSLIM NAZI CONNECTION Middle East Digest, Christian Action for Israel

Nazis planned Palestine subversion: ill fated nazi mission to Palestine which did not manage to achieve any popular support, tending to contradict assertions that Palestine was pro-Nazi just because the Mufti was.

The king of Greater Afghanistan  11/30/01 Guardian, UK: "What is interesting in the German dispatch is not so much the evidence of the Afghan king's sympathy for the Nazi regime. It is the desire for a Greater Afghanistan via the incorporation of what is now Pakistan's North West Frontier province and its capital Peshawar. Zahir Shah's return is being strongly resisted by Pakistan. They know that the king never accepted the Durand Line, dividing Afghanistan and Pakistan, not even as a temporary border. They are concerned that he might encourage Pashtun nationalism."

Holocaust denial: far right - fundamentalist cooperationtop

Holocaust denial finds new home 2/22/01 Canadian Jewish News: "A gathering of Holocaust deniers in Lebanon is only the tip of the iceberg in the ongoing collaboration between neo-Nazi activists from the West and Muslim fundamentalists in the Arab world, according to an expert on Middle Eastern terror groups... Emerson, who has testified before a U.S. House of Representatives committee that held hearings on international terrorism and immigration policy, said there is "consistent use of neo-Nazi and Nazi propaganda in Islamic militant circles... Lately we see neo-Nazi cross-fertilization with radical Arab groups and even some mainstream groups"

Institute for Historical Review - Holocaust deniers' think tank: "Jewish and Zionist leaders, and their American servants, have predictably lost no time exploiting the September 11 attacks to further their own interests. Taking advantage of the current national mood of blind rage and revenge, they demand new US military action against Israel's many enemies." - from IHR statement on the September 11 attacks

Holocaust Deniers to Convene in Lebanon 2/11/01 Anti Defamation League

Islamic Fundamentalists in South America
This is one geographical area that is cited for its cooperation between Iraq and

Who did it? Foreign Report presents an alternative view
Jane's, UK 9/19/0: This article gives some general background on Mughniyeh, suspected in the 1992 Argentina bombing of the Israeli Embassy: "In February 1992, Israeli helicopter gunships attacked the convoy of the then head of Hizbullah, Sheikh Abas Musawi, in South Lebanon. Musawi, his wife and children were killed and the revenge attack followed a month later. According to press reports, Mughniyeh was called back into action and, in a well-planned and devastating attack, his people blew up the Israeli embassy in Argentina. The building was demolished and 92 were killed. Only last year, after a long investigation, did Argentina issue a warrant for Mughniyeh’s arrest."

World War II and the post war period

How the Vatican collaborated with fascism in Yugoslavia  Flame, Ireland 

New Jersey and the Nazis 1998, AfroCubaWeb, Hans Wolff

Pre World War II History  A Resource for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and Ukraine. Arthur Koestler, himself of Jewish Khazar roots, was the first to popularize the history of the Ashkenazis, the Eastern European Jewish community, which comprises 90% of Jews in the world. His book, The Thirteenth Tribe, recounts the work of historians in New York and Tel Aviv, mostly Jewish. This book is sometimes labeled anti Jewish since it does not follow the standard line that all Jews have their origins in Israel, and indeed it has become hard to find: there has been a systematic campaign to remove it from public access - it has been stolen from many libraries. See Review of The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler. The question of the origins of various Jewish communities needs to be considered apart from 'divine' real estate implications: many communities, such as the Sephardim, the Yemenites, the Ethiopeans (Falashas), have their origins at least in part in conversions centuries back. This should be a source of pride in history, not a call to cover up evidence detrimental to certain ambitions.

Zionist Organizations


Discussion Groups

Coming out of the woodwork  Mother Jones: "With the nation focused on the conflict half a world away, extremist groups in the US are using the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to promote their own agendas at home. Is a nation at war particularly vulnerable to such messages of racial hatred, division, and isolationism?"

Analysis of Islamic and Christian Fundamentalisms

Mythos and Terrorism: A Response to the Events of September 11 by Barry Mills, M.D., Forensic Psychiatrist

Anti-Nazi Planning Meetings, 12/6 & 9top

Friends, Here's more information on the anti-Nazi demonstration on the 15th.


Neo-Nazi's Return to DC Neighborhoods: Planning Our Communities' Response

There will be a Neo-Nazi demonstration on December 15 at the Israeli Embassy. (Please see below for details plus an article about the National Alliance).

Community Meetings: Please attend and how we can best respond with community education and visible opposition. We will demonstrate that hope is greater than hate.

Thursday, December 6, 6:30 - 9:30pm Cada Vez Conference Center, Royal Lounge, 1438 U St. NW

Sunday, December 9, 4 - 6 pm Josephine Butler Center, 2437 15th St NW, Studio Room (back entrance)

For more information call the Youth Leadership Support Network (YLSN) 202-550-7229 or email or

For more, see


By BRAD HUNTER, New York Post

October 3, 2001 -- American neo-Nazis are praising
Osama bin Laden in the wake of the horrific attacks on the
World Trade Center and Pentagon. 

On Web sites and in interviews with The Post, some fringe
groups are expressing sympathy - and even support - for
the terrorists who snuffed out the lives of some 6,000

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter," said
August Kreis, a spokesman for Sheriff's Posse Comitatus
and Aryan Nations, from his compound in rural

Kreis, who spoke of "an ideological oneness" with the
terrorists, has a Web site that attacks the federal
government, Israel and Jews, and praises the "Islamic
freedom fighters." 

Billy Roper, of the National Alliance, echoes Kreis'
rhetoric. In an e-mail to NA members, which he said was
pirated by the anti-racist Southern Poverty Law Center,
Roper wrote: "The enemy of our enemy is, for now at least,
our friend. 

"We may not want them marrying our daughter, just as they
would not want us marrying theirs. We may not want them
in our societies, just as they would not want us in theirs. But
anyone willing to drive a plane into a building to kill Jews is
all right by me. I wish our members had half as much
testicular fortitude." 

Roper said his e-mail was "stripped of context," noting
"most of the people killed in the attack were whites, the
very people the National Alliance are trying to reach out


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