La Hamaca - July 7, 2013 - con Rogelio Martínez Furé                                                                   Martínez Furé  

Dr. Rogelio Martínez-Furé, Africanist and co-founder of many Cuban cultural institutions like the Conjunto Folkórico Nacional, the Sábado de la Rumba, and Grupo Oru, is currently organized a monthly gathering at UNEAC called 'La Hamaca', where all those who are interested may participate in a conversation with invited guests who discuss current projects. At this particular event were intellectuals like former Cuban Ambassador Heriberto Feraudy who heads up la Comision Aponte, UNEAC's civil rights organization. Pictured is artist Rafael Queneditt. Queneditt was director of the Grupo Antillano (1978-1983), and he discussed the upcoming exhibition in Havana, based upon the recent work by Dr. Alejandro de la Fuente. Also pictured is Dr. Ivor Miller, who was invited to discuss his experiences in Calabar, Nigeria, while researching the cultural sources of Cuban Carabalí culture.  See also MAKA CON FURÉ… UNA CITA PARA REFLEXIONAR 9/10/2013 UNEAC

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