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The FBI, America's premier political police, is at it again. The spam below went out on 12/4/02 to countless defense and homeland security contractors and seems designed to paint antiwar activities as terrorism.

FBI Awareness of National Security Issues and Response Advisory, 12/4/02

National ANSIR Advisory, December 4, 2002

From FBIHQ, Counterterrorism Division:


A loose network of antiwar groups is planning a "week of action against warmongering" to occur December 15 - 21, 2002. Organizers, who have expressed strong opposition to possible U.S. military action against Iraq, are advocating "explicit and direct attack upon the war machine," and have called for attacks on the headquarter facilities and other assets of oil companies and defense contractors, singling out Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Department of Defense (DoD) assets also represent potential targets for attack. Organizers have referenced an October 14, 2002 incident in San Jose, California, in which DoD recruiting offices were damaged and a DoD recruiting van was set on fire. Activists may also target major media companies by "sanitizing" newspaper vending machines, jamming or hijacking radio and television signals, or attacking broadcast towers and damaging equipment.

Potential victims should be alert to any suspicious activities that may be associated with this week-long protest. Information regarding potential threats should be reported to local law enforcement and the nearest FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.


This FBI Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR) communication is intended for corporate security professionals and others who have requested to receive unclassified national security advisories. Individuals who wish to become direct recipients of FBI ANSIR communications should provide business card information, i.e., organization name, address, phone, fax, etc., to for processing, with a brief description of the product and/or service provided by your organization.




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