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XIII International Percussion Festival
April 16-20, 2002
 (April 14-21 Travel Dates for US Participants)

The Festival includes in its program a series of important theoretical and practical events designed for the improvement, the promotion and the exchange between representatives of diverse fields of Percussion, inside and outside of our borders. In order to celebrate, educate and learn, this festival welcomes all professional or traditional performers, professors, students, researchers, musical critics, composers, engineers of instruments or accessories, and all other friends of Cuban Percussion.



 The Percussion Society of Cuba (PERCUBA)

Sponsored by

  • The Cuban Institute of Music
  • The Highest Insitute of Art (University)
  • The National Center of Concert Music
  • The National Center of Art Schools
  • The National Center of Free Culture
  • Counsel of Performing Arts

Date and Venue.

From April 16th- 20th, 2002. (14-21rst travel dates for US participants)

The National Theater of Cuba: La Habana – Cuba


Musicians, composers, professors, teachers and students of music, music critics and other professionals that work within the music industry.


    1. Concerts of symphonic, popular and folkloric Percussion.
    2. Competition of soloists and symphonic percussion.
    3. Colloquia and theoretical-practical workshops.
    4. Encounter of Percussion on the stage.
    5. Exhibition of instruments.
    6. Various showings of

Honorary Events

  1. In Homage to three Teachers of Percussion: Román Jousts Pelladito Hernández (Cuba) and the deceased Ramíro Hernández (Cuba) and Luis Tito Bridges (Puerto Rico).
  2. XL Anniversary of the National Folkloric Group.
  3. X Anniversary of the Society PERCUBA.

Registration fee


  1. SOLOISTS $50.00 usd
  2. GROUPS: $150.00 usd
  3. CONTESTANTS (in the competition): $50.00 usd


  1. ADULTS: $80.00usd
  2. STUDENTS: $40.00usd

Rights of Inscription

  • Access to the ARTISTIC PROGRAM and all the theoretical and practical activities that are developed during the five evening and night sessions in the headquarters of the event.
  • The participants of the competition are forced to respect the regulations and the programs of the eliminatory tests and to accept the verdicts of their tribunal experts.
  • The general program includes artistic projects of Cuba and the world received by the organizing Committee.
  • Each project should include an artistic dossier with pictures and a video demonstration in VHS, with norm NTSC.

Festival Program


(Hand drum, Keyboard and Timpani)

    1. Selection of two pieces for the hand drum, method of Jay Wnamaker.
    2. Marimba Selection or xylophone to two masses among Tambourin

Chinois of Fritz Kreisler (version alone or with piano in arrangement of Geo Hamilton Green), Ballad for Petra, N.J. Zivkovic.

3. Selection of two studies of Timpani in the method of thirty

studies of Zegalski.


(Hand Drum, Keyboard and Timpani)

  1. Selection of two pieces for hand drum among Stamina, of Mitch Markrovich,
  2. Taken from Mitch Markrovich, Dante Agostinu's train, Suite for hand drum by Jay Wanamaker.

  3. Selection of a Piece of Marimba among Divertimento for Marimba and an orchestra of strings of Radares Gniattali, 1rst and 3rd movement in The smaller of Juan Sebastián Bach.
  4. Obligatory Execution of the Sonata for timpani of John Beck


(Hand Drum, Multi-percussion and Keyboard)

  1. Obligatory Execution of Suite for Box of Sseigfred Finck.
  2. Selection of Sep of Multi-percussion among hypothesis in three parts, of Jorge Luis Pujals, Concert for Percussion of Andre Jolivet (piano accompaniment)
  3. Selection of a piece of Marimba between Dueto of Marimba and Piano

of You take Briggs, 1rst and 3erdmovement of the Concert for Marimba and the orchestrates of Paul Crestón.



Spanish, English.


Sunday 14

Arrive to the airport José Martí. Transfer to the hotel

Monday 15

9:00 AM City tour for the Historical center and the Musical Highlights

Tuesday 16

Begin Festival Program

Wednesday 17

Festival Program

Thursday 18

Festival Program

Friday 19

Festival Program

Saturday 20

Final Day of Festival Program

Sunday 21

Transfer to Jose Marti International Airport and Departures to home city.




Price (single)

Price Double

Hotel Riviera




Vedado or Colina Hotels




Casa de Fina


$331.00 (multiple rooms)


Rates include:top

Viajes América, the official travel agency of the Center for Development Studies, will be happy to arrange your flights from your home city in the Unites States to Habana.

We fly people through Miami, LA, Canada, Nassau and various other location depending upon your home city in the USA.

For more information about the trip and about the Center for Development Studies and its educational license to operate such legal travels to Cuba, please contact Alexandra Jost, Director of US operations: Tel: 202-333-3921, Fax: 202-625-6634.

And please check out the web site of CDS:

And the Web site of Viajes América:



XIII Festival Internacional de Percusión "PERCUBA 2002" 16 de Abril del 2002 21 de Abril del 2002 Ciudad Ciudad de La Habana PARADISO Sr. Lino Arturo Neira Betancourt, Telf.(537)238808, Fax:(537)336633, Email:

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