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Camp Sibert
US Army
Chemical Warfare School

Camp Sibert in Alabama was the site of the Army's Chemical Warfare School during World War II.

Gerald Cheves on Camp Sibert: American chemical warfare experiments on blacks during WWII 11/15/01

Are you familiar with the U.S. Chemical Warfare Testing program of WWII? My father was a member of the all-black unit of mostly illiterate and poor blacks, who were forced to participate in experimentation over their lifetimes, and were never compensated for the consequent disabilities nor given adequate medical treatment. In fact, most were declared paranoid schizophrenic and were given mind-numbing electro-shock therapy to erase the memory, which is one of the known effects. Incidentally, electro-shock therapy was never an approved treatment for schizophrenia. An excellent reference is the book, "Veterans at Risk: The Health Effects of Mustard Gas and Lewisite."

See also:

The VA released this fact sheet after we mounted an unsuccessful court challenge to their denial of due process to a veteran (my father) who was never given 100% disability rating, which would have entitled us to financial and economic support nor included in the Victims Compensation Bill to compensate Veterans for the horrendous effects suffered after repeated exposure to mustard gas and lewisite.

-- Gerald Cheves:


Army Report on Camp Sibert

Registry of Atmospheric Testing Survivors - RATS
RATS BBS-Vetlink

VA Fact Sheet: Mustard Gas Exposure and Long-Term Health Effects

On UK Yahoo (not US, por supuesto):
Military > Weapons and Equipment > Chemical and Biological

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Camp Sibert in a listing of US Camps used to house German POWs. Note: there was another Camp Sibert in Germany, renamed Camp King, and it had nothing to do with the School in Alabama.


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