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International Rumba Festival
January 20th-23rd, 2000
Santiago de Cuba

"Moso" Roberto Salazar Perez
Conjunto Folklórico de Oriente


International Rumba Festival, January 20th-23rd, 2000

"Yo soy Moso. La Rumba Buena Traigo Yo"

International Rumba Festival
January 20th-23rd, 2000
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Live music - Dance - Presentation of Afro-Cuban religions

You can participate in different workshops: Singing - Folkloristic dances - Son - Salsa - Percussion

In memoriam
"Moso" Roberto Salazar Perez
20 February 1939 - 28 February 1999

This festival is a tribute to Roberto Salazar Perez who deceased February 28, 1999. He dedicated his life to spreading, researching and developing Cuban culture. Born February 20, 1939 in Santiago de Cuba. His friends called him "Moso". He was the founder of the first Conjunto folklórico in Cuba, the Conjunto Folklórico de Oriente. His dedication and contribution were precious to Cuban culture. The community of Santiago and the Cuban culture lost one of the greatest "Rumberos". With this festival the people of Santiago de Cuba would like to honor this great artist in the tradition of Cuban folklore.

For more information:

Casa de la Cultura, Nueva Vista Alegre, Santiago de Cuba.
Casa del Estudiante, Santiago de Cuba.
Museo del Carnaval, Santiago de Cuba.
Marie-Cecile Tielemans (Dutch, English, Spanish, German),
Luis Salazar Perez, "Mosito"

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