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Biography of a Runaway Slave

Afro-Cuban Religions

Miguel Barnet Lanza

Head of the Fundacion Ortiz, Miguel Barnet is an author and researcher.

Phone: : 30-0623, 32-6841

Afro-Cuban Religions

Publisher: Markus Wiener Pub; (September 2001), translated by Christine Ayorinda, a Yoruba from Nigeria.
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Biography of a Runaway Slave   

 by Miguel Barnet                                  
translated by W. Nick Hill, Curbstone Press, ISBN 1-880684-18-7
from Biografía de un cimarrón. Barcelona: Ediciones Ariel, 1994

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In this remarkable testimony, Cuban novelist and anthropologist Miguel Barnet presents the narrative of 105-year-old Esteban Montejo, who lived as a slave, as fugitive in the wilderness, and as a soldier in the Cuban War of Independence. Honest, blunt, compassionate, shrewd, and engaging, his voice provides an extraordinary insight into the African culture that took root in the Caribbean.

"...a powerful account of a vanished world...invaluable." -- Newsweek

"Its contribution to our understanding of Cuban history and national temperament is no less than its immense appeal as a human testament....All the fire and dash of the Cuban character, the refusal ever to cringe or to give up, take on flesh and meaning in the reminiscences of this stubborn veteran." -- Times Literary Supplement

Miguel Barnet lives in Havana, Cuba, where he was born in 1940. He is the originator of the tradition of "Testimonial" fiction in Latin American letters, and he remains the genre's acknowledged master.

ISBN 1-880684-18-7 / 224 pp    

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