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Tibaracón Project - Proyecto Tibaracón: 2006

Indiginous legacies in Cuba 2001: Music, plants, and healing
, 1/01

Past Conferences


Indians in Cuba - Native Cuba

Today in Cuba there are few native Cubans, perhaps several hundred families in Oriente.   But they give the lie to the common expressions concerning assertions of extinction.  In any part of Cuba, people will point out to you "see this person, he/she has indian blood." And it is said that Guajiro culture, Cuban peasant culture, has a strong Indian component, even though many guajiros themselves are Canary Islanders.

Over the past 20 years, Cuban historians have discovered that Native Cubans survived in far greater numbers than thought previously, well into the 18th century.

Past Conferences

Indigenous Knowledge of the Caribbean: Music, Plants and Healing
12/13/99 - 12/20/99

Interdisciplinary Conference and Intensive Field Study
November 16 to 23, 1997 in Baracoa, Cuba


We are not extinct: Indians in Cuba
by Dr. José Barreiro, American Indian Program
Cornell University, Ithaca


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