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Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, jazz pianist and composer.  Tremendo musico!   Born in an AfroCuban barrio in Havana that was permeated with the rhythms of rumba and the batá, Rubalcaba has incorporated a variety of sources, including a strong classical component, into his playing.

And to think the barbarians in Miami dared to jossle his then meager audience a few years back, spitting on them and accusing them of being whores and pimps, all because he committed the crime of staying in touch with his homeland while living in the Dominican Republic.  Anywhere else, he is revered and thousands attend his concerts.

JAZZ CELEBRATION IN HAVANA Gonzalito Rubalcaba: world musical event  12/29/2011 Granma: "THE 27th Jazz Plaza International Festival 2011 was a real celebration. Prominently featured in the festival was Gonzalito Rubalcaba, an international piano phenomenon. Other eminent figures in the world of jazz included Arturo O’Farrill, Will Calhoun, and Kash Killion from the U.S., plus Neil Leonard (Berklee College of Music); the Laberinto del Caos group from Mexico; Indian Naad Braahan, Polish Mateuz Kolakowsky, the Japanese Nori Brothers, and the Austrian Triple Ace Trio. Cuba was comprehensively represented by jazz singers and bands, among others, Roberto Fonseca, Rolando Luna, Aldo López Gavilán, Yasek Manzano, Julito Padrón, César López, the López-Nussa family, Bobby Carcassés, Frank Fernández, and Joaquín Betancourt and his Jazz Band."

Schedule  2012

Wed 28 Mar Villingen - Theater Am Ring Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Thu 29 Mar Tonhalle St. Gallen, Switzerland

For current schedule,  check


Jan. 15-20 Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio Yoshi's, Oakland (V)



New York, NY

Blue Note


New York, NY

Blue Note


New York, NY

Blue Note


New York, NY

Blue Note


New York, NY

Blue Note


New York, NY

Blue Note



Salamanca, Spain



Rome, Italy

Jazz Festival


Lucerne, Swizerland



Granada, Spain



08/08/00 Seattle, WA Jazz Alley
08/09/00 Seattle, WA Jazz Alley
08/10/00 Seattle, WA Jazz Alley
08/11/00 Seattle, WA Jazz Alley
08/12/00 Seattle, WA Jazz Alley
08/13/00 San Jose, CA San Jose Jazz Festival
08/15/00 New York, NY Blue Note
08/16/00 New York, NY Blue Note
08/17/00 New York, NY Blue Note
08/18/00 New York, NY Blue Note
08/19/00 New York, NY Blue Note
08/20/00 New York, NY Blue Note
10/06/00 Ann Arbor, MI Bird Of Paradise
10/07/00 Ann Arbor, MI Bird Of Paradise
10/08/00 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
10/09/00 St. Paul, MN Dakota Bar & Grill
10/10/00 St. Paul, MN Dakota Bar & Grill
10/11/00 St. Paul, MN Dakota Bar & Grill
10/12/00 River Falls, WI University Of Wisconsin
10/13/00 New York, NY Kaplan Playhouse
10/14/00 New York, NY Kaplan Playhouse
10/24/00 Martinique, ISL Centre Martinique Culturelle
10/26/00 Washington, DC Kennedy Center
10/27/00 Hampton, VA Hampton Arts Center
10/28/00 Hampton, VA Hampton Arts Center
11/23/00 Lucerne, SWI Kultur-und Kongresszentrum

Old schedule...

Date Place Venue


Santa Fe, NM St. Francis Auditorium


San Francisco, CA Masconic Auditorium


Chicago, IL Symphony Center


Best of Gonzalo Rubalcaba
BMG/Milan LatinoRubalcaba1.jpg (16918 bytes)

   1.  Homo Blues
0 2.  Pisando El Cesped
0 3.  Concatenacion


   4.  Nueva Cubana
0 5.  Concierto Negro

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EMD/Blue Note
RubalcabaAntiguo.jpg (13057 bytes)
0 1.  Opening
0 2.  Circuito III
0 3.  Ellioko (Yoruba Word For 'Two')
0 4.  Desierto
0 5.  Intermitencia
0 6.  Coral Negro
0 7.  Circuito Iv
0 8.  Oddi Lobbe
0 9.  Eshun Agwe
10.  Homenaje
11.  Closing

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EMD/Blue Notes
RubalcabaDiz.jpg (12145 bytes)

0 1.  Hot House
0 2.  Woody 'N' You
0 3.  I Remember Clifford
0 4.  Donna Lee
0 5.  Bouncing With Bud
0 6.  Smooch
0 7.  Ah-Leu-Cha
0 8.  A Night In Tunisia
0 9.  Con Alma

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Live from Mt Fuji
RubalcabaFuji.jpg (12697 bytes)
0 1.  No Name
0 2.  Imagine
0 3.  Autumn Leaves
0 4.  Peace And Quiet Time
0 5.  Gaby
0 6.  Joao
0 7.  Ebony
0 8.  Giant Steps
0 9.  Mima

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RubalcabaBlessing.jpg (9910 bytes)
0 1.  Circuito
0 2.  Sandino
0 3.  Besame Mucho
0 4.  Giant Steps
0 5.  Sin Remedio, El Mar
0 6.  Silver Hollow
0 7.  The Blessing
0 8.  Blue In Green
0 9.  Sinpunto Y Contracopa
10.  Mima

Click here to listen to the tracks & buy ==> cdnow.GIF (1744 bytes)

QB 9012 / CD and cassette
Issac's masterpiece.   Con Ganas features musical director Gonzalo Rubalcaba on keys, and compositions by Cuba's best composers, including Pablo Milanes, Juan Formell, and Candido Fabre.   Five tunes on this album went #1 in Cuba.  Beautifully recorded, 67 minutes playing time.

Contains:  Sin Tu Amor No Hay Amor      Dime Tu Lo Que Sabes    Que Ganas      El Cha Cha Cha Es La Cosa    Son De Cuba A Puerto Rico    Que Te Pasa Loco    Por Si Acaso     El 443025    Si Estoy Solo    Dos Mujeres      Mueve La Cintura    Te Repetiste     El Profesor Del Decimo Grado    Vengo con Ire

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