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Manuel Cuesta MorúaManuel Cuesta Morúa

Manuel Cuesta Morúa is the secretary general of the Socialist Democratic Current, a dissident movement in Cuba, and is an anthropologist, philosopher, and historian. He is also chairperson of the Progressive Circle Party (PARP).

Cuesta Morúa is said to be a descendant of Martín Morúa Delgado, an Afrocuban leader after whom was named the Ley Morúa, which outlawed the Independents of Color.

It should be noted that some observers, including Eugene Godfried, have called for a re-evaluation of Martin Morúa's role. He is best known for having drafted the Ley Morúa, but he was also very active in other spheres.

It is well known in Havana that Cuesta Morúa is a frequent visitor to the American Interests Section there. If he is receiving money, he would have to be very careful, as that is illegal in Cuba, much like receiving money from Iran or North Korea would be in the US.

Cuesta Morúa is also part of the Citizens Committee for Racial Integration (CIR)

Articulos de Manuel Cuesta Morúa sobre CubaNet -

Martín Morúa Delgado

Martín Morúa Delgado.
Martín Morúa Delgado.
Tomado de

Martín Morúa Delgado fue un personaje relevante en la historiografía cubana. Destacado en la literatura y el periodismo cubanos, se inició tempranamente en las actividades políticas.

Hacia 1912, se desempeñaba como senador. La polémica sobre su vida se centra en el hecho de haber liderado la mayoritaria postura del gobierno hacia los Independientes de Color.

Según devela el documental “Voces para un silencio”, de la realizadora Gloria Rolando, su actuación estuvo signada por el miedo a perder la privilegiada posición política “que tanto le costó”, si otros negros o mulatos llegaban a ocupar lugares en el senado.



Articles by or about Manuel Cuesta Morúa

Carlos Moore, certero  12/10/2009 Cuba Nuestra: de Manuel Cuesta Morúa, La Habana

RIGHTS-CUBA: Dissidents Work for Racial Integration  9/3/2009 IPS: "Dissident groups in Cuba are attempting to open up a debate on the problem of racism in the country, in order to promote "full integration" of all the island's citizens, without discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity or skin colour. To that end, a committee "without ideological affiliation or political goals" was formed this week at a workshop on the issue, to promote actions and initiatives to guarantee "a voice and a forum" for Afro-descendants on this Caribbean island, "with the responsible support" of all Cubans who are aware of the problem. The Citizens' Committee for Racial Integration (CIR) "will attempt to bring the issue out of the closed intellectual debates where it has been closeted for the past 15 years," said Manuel Cuesta Morúa, spokesman for the moderate dissident Arco Progresista, a coalition of small social democrat groups and one of the participants at the workshop, to which the foreign press was invited. In his view, alternative civil society organisations should seek ways to achieve the self-recognition of black people, who are not represented in proportion to their demographics and their cultural contribution to Cuba. "The CIR is pursuing recognition and racial integration, not conflict or racial pre-eminence," he said." 

Articles by Manuel Cuesta Morúa  4/18/2009 Cuba Encuentro 

Why are the Police Racist? 1/1/09 Islas

Cuba: Democracy for a Possible Nation  9/16/2008 Real Instituto Eelcano: "The aim of this Working Paper is to provide some conclusions and practical recommendations regarding possible policies to be implemented by governments interested in favouring -as third parties- the success of a gradual democratic transformation of the Cuban regime on the basis of an agreed and non-violent process."

ENTREVISTA A MANUEL CUESTA MORÚA: 2007-4-23  4/23/2007 Fundación por la Libertad de Expresión: "Manuel Cuesta Morúa es el portavoz de Arco Progresista, historiador, escritor, analista político, es un agudo observador de la realidad cubana que ofrece una visión distinta que la mayoría de las más destacadas voces de la oposición cubana."

Manuel Cuesta Morúa - Arco Progresista en Cuba - 2004  8/4/2006 YouTube

Simple questions for a Cuban socialist  7/25/2000 Miami Herald: "Describing himself as an Afro-Cuban (unlike most of his black countrymen who stress nationality above race), Cuesta Morua modestly calls the Current "a small group of dissidents.'' One must need an admirable equilibrium to survive in communist Cuba as a dissident socialist."

Who speaks for the Cuban people?  7/18/2000 Washington Times: "I speak as an Afro-Cuban dissident who lives on the island. I am not some pro-government sycophant. I was fired from my job in 1991 because of my views, and it is only after four years of effort that I have now been allowed to travel abroad — for the first time in my life. I work closely with human rights activists and with other dissidents in Cuba."



The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications, 2008-2009


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