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Cubadisco 2000

Havana, Cuba, May 7 -11, 2003

When the human inventive was able to register, fix and multiply the sound (a possibility that came up in the last quarter of the 19th century), nobody could imagine that we were laying the foundations of a prodigious building that would dominates from their height all the landscapes of a contemporary era, the one of the industries of music

In terms of industry, music has been currently associated mainly with records, not without reasons: the most evident discovery occurs in that object that became familiar since it was just a simple plate now converted in a highly sophisticated device by means of the most amazing technological innovations.

But at present the industries of music offer us an even more complex and comprehensive vision It is not by chance that we are talking about industries in plural, because they are several, even though they are interrelated in a fabric of multiple connections.

The cultural, sociological, economic and ethical implications involved in this event are so important that the Organizing Committee of the International Fair CUBADISCO has decided to dedicate its 2003 edition to be held in Havana from 7th to 11th may to the industries of music.

This project is backed up on the growing impact of these industries in the current development of the Cuban culture and their universal projection. It's common knowledge that music, one of the most important arts in the spectrum of the island, has enter into the new millennium with a growing and sustained presence in the international scenario in which not only it has been assessed both its traditional and folkloric profiles but its contemporary expressions as well.

This is precisely one of the most serious challenges of the Cuban industries of music: reflecting with sharpness and representativity the talent of the creators; expanding and growing; and relating with the international circuits of production, distribution and consumption, without losing their identity.

Never before, the Cuban record enjoyed so much health and this status will be stressed in CUBADISCO Fair, where new records labels have also recently been launched. They are carrying out their own editorial activities.

Subjects as commercializing by electronic means of the different musical supports (e-commerce), management of rights of the copyrights of the musical author, and the sound production by electroacústics and digital means, as well as the production of instruments, they are articulated in identity, technology and market tracing the map of cuban industries of music.

What CUBADISCO 2003 is proposing concerns the possibility of a close encounter with the most varied facets of the industries of music aiming to promote exchange, collaboration, knowledge and complementation, in an environment marked by the fire of the island's music.

Organizer: Ministerio de Cultura e Instituto Cubano de la Música
Venue: Parque Morro-Cabaña
Organizing Commitee:
President: Ciro Benemelis Durán

For more information contact

Feria Internacional CUBADISCO
Instituto Cubano de la Música. Calle15 No. 452 esq, a F, Vedado, CP 10400, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.
Telef. (53.7) 8328298 / 536164/ 8323503-05, Fax: (53.7) 333716
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