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The Bush Administration

George Bush II has picked some real winners:

Otto Reich - backer of terrorist Orlando Bosch, promoter of prohibited propaganda within US borders, one of Ollie North's boys: Assistant Secretary of State

John Negroponte - former US ambassador to Honduras, death squad backer: UN ambassador

Elliott Abrams - convicted of lying about Iran Contra to 3 congressional comittees as Reagan's Assistant Secretary of State for Interamerican Affairs: National Security Council, senior director for democracy, human rights and international operations

These appointment reflect the manner in which the Republicans won the presidency. See:

The Miami Machine: Cuban terrorists triumph in Election 2000, 12/13

Banana Republic USA - Elections 2000: compendium of articles covering the seizure of power

Miami-Dade Reversal -- A Cuban Terrorist Payback To Bush Family? 12/7 Peter Dale Scott


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