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Aiden SalgadoAiden Salgado Cassiani
Activist – Maroon – Palenquero
Member of CONAFRO, CEUNA, kombilesa, and CENPAZ

Black Communities Ask for a Way Forward in the National Peace Agreement, 6-8-2018

This week, after analyzing and discussing the results of the first round of the presidential elections, the candidates who went to the second round make their biggest efforts in getting alliances to add votes, such as the alliance that the candidate Gustavo Petro added, called National Peace Agreement.

That National Peace Agreement that is designed to take the Human Colombia to the presidency, apparently is not bearing in mind Black people as a political actor that votes. Human Colombia, which also won thanks to the votes in Black community’s territories, due to the fact that this political proposal raised the peace flag and these Black communities that have historically been affected by the war know that they cannot return to the armed conflict.

In the launch of the great Human Colombian coalition for peace, on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, Black communities shone by their absence. It seems that that 20% or 25% of the national population that is African-Colombian is unknown or underestimated; although in the 2005 population census carried out by DANE, only 10.05% of the African-Colombian, Black, Raizal and Palenquera population was recognized. In the same way as that amount of nonconformist vote with the Colombian state is unknown.

Black people are against the war, and feel identified with the proposal of a fundamental National Peace Agreement, but they feel excluded, in the sense that it is not visible in all its dimensions, despite that Francia Márquez Mina, the most important current figure of the Black movement accompanies the candidate. It is necessary to recognize that the Black people are more than Francia Márquez, and in that amplitude, there is the movement of Buenaventura and Choco, which carried out great mobilizations last year; a town from Bolívar: Palenque, in Cartagena, the Black Caribbean, the Pacific and its blackness, all those people require recognition in order to change the reality of Colombia.

Today, the Black people ask for a way forward in this great coalition for peace, because they have a lot to contribute to that new country as a main political actor in the construction of a new society, and for that they have a lot of votes in their territories.

From the Palenque, still a maroon

Translated from


San Basilio del Palenque: Archivos y Construcción de Paz / Archives and Peacebuilding
Aiden Jose Salgado Cassiani Magister in Political Science and Democratic Leadership at the Institute of European Studies, in agreement with the Computense University of Madrid and the School of Public Administration ESAP Colombia. Degree in Basic Education with Emphasis in Social Science degree from the University Francisco José de Caldas Bogota. With knowledge Legislation Afrocolombiana, their Rights, Affirmative Action in Higher Education in particular, African Studies and African Descent, Student Leadership, human rights, development work on the implementation of the chair of African studies at various universities, leading CEUNA organization has been working on the implementation of Affirmative Actions in different universities from 2005 to the present day, I have developed working with children afros academic support and training workshops in Usme and Kennedy from the CEUNA and Kombilesa Association.

I have experience working as head of Affirmative Action component in the project Dignification people of African descent and their culture through the Afro-Ethnic Education in Colombia 2010; work in the Agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and the University District aimed at promoting retention and graduation of students who have vulnerabilities of various kinds 2010, he worked as anaccompanist for Afro – Colombian students advising on ethnic issues, providing support in the program UD inclusive, generating proposed implementation of afros studies in the University District 2011, working as a researcher in the project Strengthening of Afro – descendant organizations and networks enforce their rights and empowerment of Afro – Colombian women, native islander, black and Palenquera, the National University of Bogotá. I was coordinator of graduate social projects and public policies like affirmative action afroetnoeducación 2011 and District University thesis on public policy in higher education for Afro – Colombians – master ‘s thesis.






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